Drowsy Driving Is A National Public Hazard

Getting adequate amounts of quality sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for good mental and physical health. And a lack of adequate rest can cause decreased levels of daytime alertness, even causing people to fall asleep at work, at school, or when behind the wheel of an automobile.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drowsiness and fatigue cause more than 100,000 accidents per year, and young drivers are at the wheel for more than half of those collisions.

Driving while drowsy not only creates a health risk to the drowsy person operating a vehicle, but also puts other drivers who come in contact with that person in danger. Recent surveys showed only 20% of adolescents get 8 hours of sleep a night, and 1/3 of them reported falling asleep while in school. 

Make it a priority for you and your family to get adequate amounts of rest. Make sleep – quality sleep – a priority. You’ll increase your overall health and well-being, and you’ll be doing your part to help avoid becoming a statistic within the NHTSA’s drowsy driver accident file.