Lack Of Sleep And High Blood Pressure

A five-year study from the University of Chicago recently found that middle-aged adults who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to develop high blood pressure.

578 adults with an average age of 40 had their blood pressure and sleep monitored for the duration of the study. Researchers found that for every hour of sleep missed, there was a 37% increase in the chance of developing high blood pressure.

The University of Chicago Sleep Lab also recently released results of study where they disrupted the sleep of healthy male college students for 14 nights. By the end of the study, the young men tested with blood chemistry equivalent to 70-year-old men with elevated heart disease and high blood pressure risks. Wow!

Both of these studies show the importance of maintaining a regular schedule of healthy sleep. Be sure to get enough rest and create a restful sleep environment where your body can restore and recover. Your health, and heart, depend on it!