Don’t Want To Look So Old? Get More Sleep!

While you may be able to tolerate less sleep as an adolescent without immediately noticeable side effects, recent research shows that adults who lack a consistent good night’s sleep can speed up their aging process.

In the November 2009 issue of the journal Aging, it was noted that lack of sleep decreases your ability to handle stress, increases neurological and motor deterioration and ultimately shortens your life.

Natraj Krishnan, a research associate at Oregon State University, commented, “This study suggests that young individuals may be able to handle certain stresses, but the same insults at an older age cause genetic damage and appear to lead to health problems and earlier death. And it’s linked to biological clocks.”

The Better Sleep Council recommends many ways to improve your sleep habits once a physical exam has ruled out any underlying medical issues. Avoiding caffeine and curtailing physical activity several hours before going to bed, as well as not going to bed stuffed or starved are a few of their tips. Additionally, recent research recommends that your mattress and foundation be reevaluated every 5-7 years. The complete list may be found at