Sleep Advice For Parents Of Newborns

Getting proper sleep is especially important for children, as it is vital for physical and mental development. 

One of the many challenges facing a new parent is accommodating the sleep routine of newborns. While newborns tend to sleep a total of 14-18 hours a day, they wake up frequently and require attention, feeding or nurturing. 

New Babies Set The Rules

For the first few weeks a newborn will set their own sleep schedule, so the best advice is usually to sleep when the baby sleeps. Learn to recognize how your newborn expresses their need to sleep and try to put them to bed when they are sleepy, not when they are already asleep. This helps your baby to learn how to get to sleep on their own and fall asleep more quickly. Try to be consistent in picking a bedtime and let your baby fall asleep with as little help as possible.

Don’t Worry, It Gets Better

After the first two or three month, a baby’s circadian rhythm will develop and they will begin to have a more regular wake-sleep cycle. Help your baby differentiate night and day by keeping them in a room that is well lit during the day and dark at night. Over time your baby, and you, should be able to adjust to a more normal sleeping routine.