Link Between Lack of Sleep And Weight Gain

A new study from the University of Helsinki was published in the International Journal of Obesity and found that middle-aged women who suffer from sleep disorders are more likely to have weight problems than women who get eight hours of nightly sleep. 

Sleep Problems Precede Weight Gains

Previous studies have established a link between weight gain and a lack of sleep, but this study was unique in that it suggested that the sleep problems actually preceded the weight gain of the study subjects. Approximately 7,300 adults between the ages of 40 and 60 took part in the seven-year study.

The lead researcher said that the correlation between weight gain and lack of sleep could be a result of the appetite chemicals that are affected by sleep disorders. This link in women persisted when other health factors were considered.

Consider Sleep Problems When Managing Weight

The conclusion of the study was that sleep problems likely contribute to weight gain and that these sleep problems should be considered when trying to manage and prevent weight gain and obesity.

This is yet another example of the importance of sleep to your overall health.