Sleep Relaxation Tips

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to your overall health, so the next time you have trouble sleeping try some of these proven restful techniques.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Alternately tense and relax your muscles in groups, starting at your feet and working you way up. Tighten for 10-15 seconds, relax for 15-20 seconds. Combine with deep breathing as you relax.

Soothing Drink. Warm milk and herbal tea (especially chamomile) can help soothe you to sleep.

Visualization. Imagine yourself in a peaceful setting, such as a tropical beach or mountain stream. Immerse yourself in the sensations, sounds and smells as you gradually relax.

Deep Breathing. Take deep breaths, and as you exhale feel your muscles becoming more and more relaxed.

Warm Bath. A warm bath can help induce drowsiness, as long as it is not too hot or too cold.

Counting Sheep. This old trick actually works, as it distracts both sides of your brain with a monotonous activity.

Yoga. There are many yoga techniques that help with relaxation.

Your bedroom should be associated with rest. If you continue to toss and turn, get out of the bedroom and occupy yourself with another mundane task (not work or computer/phone/electronic related) and return to bed at a later time.