America’s Poor Sleep Habits

Here are a few numbers reported by the National Sleep Foundation:

• 6.9. American adults average only 6.9 hours of sleep a night – less than the 8 hours recommended by most sleep experts.

• 75. That’s the percentage of adults who say their partner has a sleep-related problem. Snoring is the most common complaint, which can be a symptom of sleep apnea.

• 25. Sleep problems affect 25 percent of American adults in a negative way. While most adults don’t use any sleep aid, 11 percent say they use alcohol to help them relax (which actually inhibits deep sleep). Another nine percent use over-the-counter sleep aids and seven percent say they use prescription medication.

Proper sleep and restoration are keys to your overall health, and in general Americans don’t get enough rest. Do your best to deduce the source of your daytime stressors and take action to minimize them. Make your bedroom an environment conducive to sleep, including the use of a comfortable and supportive mattress. Additionally, the Better Sleep Council recommends that your mattress and foundation be evaluated for replacement every five to seven years.