Mattress Myth: The Longer The Warranty, The Better The Mattress.

A mattress warranty is a guarantee against defects, and has no relationship to the durability, quality or comfort life of a mattress.

Manufacturers know that consumers place an inordinate and inappropriate amount of importance on warranty length. So, they often provide longer warranties on many of their products and use these longer warranties as marketing points.

We’ve all seen instances where a manufacturer or licensee was in a competitive situation, and to make their product stand out they increased their length of warranty coverage. So how exactly did this increase the quality of the product to the consumer? It didn’t.

A better option would be for a manufacturer to replace some lower quality foams with better materials, such as replacing 3 lb. memory foam with 5 lb. memory foam. This provides the consumer with a longer expected comfort life and actual value. They sleep on the foam inside of the mattress, not the paper upon which the warranty is printed.

The gradual loss of comfort from a mattress is not covered under a warranty, so focus more on showing your customers mattresses that use higher quality materials. Then, the issue of needing to use a warranty will be moot.

This article appeared in Sleep Geek.