Price and quality of material have almost nothing to do with each other. While the outward appearance and ticking used seems to jump up as price goes up, this doesn’t necessarily apply to the durability of materials used inside of the mattress.

For example. One major brand offering a line that they consider “ultra-premium” at $2,800.00 for a queen set. It features polyurethane foam at mostly a 1.2 lb. density and memory foam mostly beneath 3 lb. in density. These are all materials I would consider much lower in durability and more appropriate for spare room products.

While the appearance of the mattress is quite pretty, it’s more important to know the quality of the componentry on the inside of the product. After all, you can’t determine quality or durability simply by lying upon a product.

Like with many people, the beauty of a mattress is often only skin deep, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Be sure to learn about the componentry within a mattress and opt for higher density foams for increased durability.

This article appeared in Sleep Geek.