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Mattress To Go Interview About Cell Phones For Soldiers

Shelby TV Interviews Mattress To Go About Their Support Of The Cell Phones For Soldiers Program 

Shelby TV recently interviewed Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer about his support of the Cell Phones For Soldiers Program, and serving as a collection center for this program.  

January 23, 2019 - Shelby Township, MI

Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer was recently interviewed by Shelby TV and his involvement as a donation center for the Cell Phones For Soldiers Program.

"We've been a donation center for Cell Phones For Soldiers almost as long as the program has been in existence," stated Scheuer. "The program takes your old cell phone and then receives money for the precious metals on the inside of the phone, and then uses that money to purchase discounted calling cards for our soldiers stationed overseas. It's a great program to support, and we hope that people will drop off their old unused cell phones, no matter how old, to our store and we'll box them up and send them off for processing."

To see Jeff's interview with Shelby TV, click here.

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