Beducator Brain Tumor Update!

So, we had the one-month post radiation MRI follow-up visit with both the medical oncologist and the radiation oncology team.

The overall MRI impression from the radiologist’s report was, “The findings are overall consistent with favorable response to therapy.” And the midline shift in my brain has resolved.

The proton therapy PA said it was about the best news we could have expected, so that’s a good thing. I was thinking that better news would have been that everything since July has been a bad dream and she would’ve woken me up with a snap of her fingers, but of course that’s not possible. I’ve been given this burden for a reason – we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

And here’s another thing to add to the list – I’ve got blood clots! It seems I developed these in both arms from being poked here, there, and everywhere during my surgery. Both arms have superficial clots, so I’m having to get shots every day of a blood thinner.

Well, let me be more specific – my wife gives me shots every night. I really don’t like needles, and even though I’ve given myself stitches in the past, I told my wife that she’d have to be the one giving me these shots. She’s actually become really good at it and puts up with me being a big baby about it.

The next phase of my treatment consists of a new chemotherapy – a little over double of what I was previously receiving. It’s a course of one week on, three weeks off, for at least six months. This might kick me in the butt a bit, so if you visit the store and find that I look a little pale, you’ll know why. But I still plan on keeping the store at the normal hours of Tues-Fri: 10-6, and Sat: 10-5. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Overall, things are moving forward, and I can’t complain about the progress. My wife is taking great care of me, and I don’t know what I’d be doing without her. (Actually, I do. According to the doctors, I’d be pushing up daisies.)

Thank you everyone for your patience while visiting me at the store. I know I’m still moving a little slow compared to normal Beducator standards, but I don’t think most people notice the difference. But I do – I have to keep moving forward and holding myself up to my higher standards.

Beducator Brain Tumor Scar

Here’s an updated photo of “the scar”. I’ve been told it is healing up nicely and that it will be hard to see once my hair grows back. You can see how the very specific targeting of the proton therapy radiation did a number on my already hair-challenged dome on the right side of my head. The horizontal mark over my ear is just an indentation from the arms of my glasses.