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Mattress To Go - Therapedic Bravura Talalay Latex Waltz

Therapedic Bravura Waltz
All Talalay Latex

Plushness Rating: 6
Warranty: 20 years full.
Made in the USA.


The Waltz is a model within the Therapedic Bravura all-Talalay latex lineup that rates a 6 on our 1-10 (hard to soft) plushness scale. It's a very popular "middle of the road" choice for those who desire good deep support with some surface plushness on top, but not overly soft. The Waltz uses a dominant layer of "medium-firm" latex on the uppermost layer to achieve this very solid and comfortable feel. 

Support comes from a premium, firm, 6" thick Talalay latex support core. All of the Talalay latex in the Waltz is blended Talalay, and is from Talalay Global in Connecticut. For comfort there are two topper layers of premium talalay latex. A 2" piece of premium plush Talalay latex is first placed upon the latex core. On top of this is placed another 3" of premium Talalay latex, this layer being medium-firm. This is described as dominant layer construction, where a slightly firmer layer is placed upon a slightly softer layer in the comfort layers of a mattress. This provides just a bit more surface tension, but as latex is so point elastic, it still provides generous amounts of comfort without being overly plush. This upper 3" layer of Talalay latex is also unique in that it is infused with mico-encapsulated copper particles. This provides two benefits. First, the anisotropic properties of these copper particles helps contribute to the durability of this uppermost layer of latex (the uppermost layers of any mattress are subject to the most mechanical stresses). The second benefit is that as a mineral, copper does assist with the transfer of heat. While latex is very open cell in construction and isn't subject to the heat-retentive, viscous nature that many people dislike of memory foam, adding copper to this latex layer can offer a little extra assistance for those who are warm sleepers. 

There is no polyurethane foam in this mattress - it's 100% premium blended Talalay latex. The entire mattress is covered in a luxurious stretch knit cover that has the FR barrier quilted to it. This allows for a very flexible and contouring cover that doesn't detract from the feel of the latex beneath it, as can be the problem with some latex mattresses that use FR "mattress pads" beneath their coverings. All of the latex layers are laminated together to avoid foam shifting.

The Waltz is available for national shipping.

The Talalay latex in the Waltz is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Level I certified. The Waltz has a 20 year full warranty.

When purchasing your new Therapedic Bravura Talalay latex bed, don't forget to let us help you with new latex pillows that are correct for your preferred sleeping position and complement your new mattress.
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