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Mattress To Go - Beducation® Informative Mattress Videos

Beducation® Mattress Education Series
Mattress To Go maintains a comprehensive collection of videos about mattress construction as well as mattress shopping advice. Browse through our videos listed below or feel free to visit our YouTube Beducation® channel where we also post videos describing all of our current mattress offerings.

Informative Beducation® Videos
Technical Information
Consumer Information
  How to tell a mattress review site from a mattress revenue site
  Tips to tell if that's a damaged, recovered or used mattress
How mattresses meet federal flammability standards
The truth about 50% off mattress sales
Proper mattresses for children
How to find honest mattress retailers
How a mattress is assembled
2013 Consumer Reports mattress review and practical tips on how to shop for a mattress
What is a pillowtop?
How to compare mattresses
Mattress innersprings: Part I
How to tell if you're buying a new, used or damaged mattress 
Mattress innersprings: Part II
Why most mattress opinion sites are worthless
Mattress spring gauge thickness explained
How to decipher misleading mattress newspaper ads
Mattress spring tempering
Dishonest mattress advertising reflects upon the integrity of the retailer
Complete box spring explanation
Canadian group helps protect mattress consumers
Box springs - a quick guide
Exposed - how mattress price guarantees really work
Polyurethane, memory and latex foam explained
Superior mattress customer service explained
Mattress foam firmness scales
Less expensive mattresses aren't necessarily cheap
Deciphering mattress comfort designations
How to tell if a mattress is new or used
Latex foam and latex allergies
Mattress To Go makes donation and helps expose used mattress industry - Fox 2 News
Bed frames and proper cross slat construction
Avoid factory trained mattress salespeople and look for educated comfort consultants
Metal bed frames - a quick overview
2012 Consumer Reports mattress review and better mattress shopping tips you can really use
How to assemble an adjustable bed
Mattresses can not guarantee to cure low back pain
How to assemble a bed frame
Mattress warranties do not equal comfort life
Pillows - a quick guide
Don't buy a mattress based solely upon the warranty 
Airflow comparison of talalay latex and memory foam
 The most important thing to do when mattress shopping
Customatic and Rize adjustable bed motor
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