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Mattress To Go - Rize Contemporary Electric Adjustable Bed

Rize Adjustable Beds - The Contemporary

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The Contemporary is one of the most unique models in the Rize adjustable bed line and in the adjustable bed industry as a whole. It features powerful dual motors that allow for independent head and feet elevation, a dual massage system with wave action, five separate adjustment segments for ergonomically correct contours, and an industry-unique lounge position. The Contemporary offers features that aren't found elsewhere in the adjustable bed industry, all at a price equal to or lower than many mid-grade power foundations from other brands.

The Contemporary is built for long-lasting durability, using more steel than comparable bases. Adjustability comes from two ETL safety-certified motors that allow for the head and feet sections to move separately. These 6,000 Newton DC motors are incredibly quiet and stronger than the adjustable bed industry norm for DC motors. These motors have been tested by an independent certified testing laboratory and are rated at an 850 pound lift capacity.

Controlling these motors is a wireless Comfort Ease soft-touch remote control. The remote is backlit with Easy-Vue function keys and it's laid out very simply to control the many standard features of the Contemporary power foundation. There are separate buttons for lowering and elevating the head and feet sections, with four pre-programmed keys for head elevation, zero gravity, lounge position and one-touch flat. One of the most unique features of the Contemporary is this lounge position, which drops the feet section to a level lower than flat, allowing you to take stress off of your hamstrings and low back for the most comfortable reclining position. The only power foundations in the industry to currently offer this lounge feature are the Contemporary and the Relaxer in the Rize lineup.

The Contemporary offers one of the largest ranges of elevation in the industry, making it easy to incline to an upright position that's suitable for reading or computer work. The Contemporary base unit is divided into five separate modules instead of four, providing a more ergonomically correct contour, with an additional automatic adjustment in the head zone that takes the stress off of your neck while inclined. The unique wall-glide articulation means that as you adjust the Contemporary up and down, you'll always move smoothly and remain close to your night stand. If you purchase two twin extra long Contemporary foundations and wish to sync the units together, an auto-sync button on the remote receiver unit easily allows this to be accomplished.

The Contemporary incorporates two separate head and feet massage units into the power foundation for a dual-zone body massage, and the remote has buttons to independently adjust the massage intensity up and down in both zones. There's a button for a full body wave massage, as well as three pre-programmed wave modes. An automatic timer shuts off the massage after 15 minutes. And forget about stubbed toes in the middle of the night. The Contemporary has an under-bed LED night light feature that illuminates the floor with the push of a button, allowing you to safely navigate your room in the middle of the night. Other features include a battery backup to lower the base unit should there be a power outage, a gravity release safety system, a replaceable fuse to protect the motors, headboard brackets and locking caster legs.

The Contemporary works with any mattress appropriate for adjustable bed bases - latex, memory foam, or innerspring products without border rods specifically designed to be adjustable base friendly. Our Savvy Rest latex mattresses are perfect matches for any Rize adjustable base unit. As a special bonus to all of our Mattress To Go clients, we offer a discounted GBS 10-year Adjustable Bed Base Extended Warranty on all of the power foundations we sell. The Contemporary power foundation is UL, ETL and Energy Star certified. The Contemporary features a 20 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, with full coverage of parts and labor for the first year, full coverage of parts for years two and three, and prorated coverage of non-electrical parts for years four through twenty.

All Rize beds are made in Taiwan and Rize is acknowledged as one of the industry's leading power foundation technology experts.

The Contemporary is available in twin, twin extra long (two of these are used for a king size), full, full extra long, queen, split queen and split California king. Power foundation bases are made just a bit smaller than the foundations that they replace to allow to be placed within the perimeter of a bed set (foam encased power foundations like the Revolution will have a smaller deck). We ship the Contemporary, like all of our Rize adjustable beds, across the United States at incredibly low prices. Because Rize has a minimum price advertising policy and we discount from that price, we're not allowed to advertise our low prices online. However, if you click on our Get a Quote button, we'll be happy to provide you a personalized quote including shipping and assembly in your home.
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