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Rize power foundations are available in many sizes, including (depending upon the model) twin, twin extra long (two of these are used for a king size), full, full extra long, queen, split queen, split California king, one-piece horizontal California king and one-piece horizontal king (size availability may vary by model). Power foundation bases are made just a bit smaller than the foundations that they replace to allow to be placed within the perimeter of a bed set. We ship all of our Rize adjustable beds across the United States at very affordable prices. Because Rize adjustable beds has a minimum advertised pricing policy and we discount from that price, we're not allowed to advertise our low prices online. However, if you click on our Get a Quote button, we'll be happy to provide you a personalized quote including shipping and assembly in your home.

A Rize electric power foundation adjustable bed offers personalization, lifestyle convenience and relaxation benefits as it transforms your bedroom into a true sanctuary. With the touch of a button, no matter what sleep position or relaxation mode you choose, a power foundation places comfort at your fingertips. Adjust the elevation of your head and feet, or even create a wave massage from head to toe for a spa-like experience.

Rize power foundations are acknowledged as some of the highest quality and most technologically advanced in the industry, and they tend to use more steel than other comparable power foundations. They feature one of the largest ranges of motion, accommodating anything from zero-gravity to upright seating that's perfect for laptop computer work. Their innovative lounge leg lowering feature is unique in the world of adjustable beds, providing a feel that's similar to a recliner while offering the comfort and support of a premium mattress. And some of their models offer and independently adjustable edge-to-edge lumbar support feature.

Motion is provided by extremely quiet and powerful DC motors that are rated at an 850 pound lift capacity (1,000 pounds in horizontal king models). An exclusive gravity release system is used with these motors for maximum safety and a replaceable fuse system protects the entire unit against power surges and overloads. There's even a battery backup system to return the bed to a flat position in case of a power outage.

If you want a truly relaxing experience, choose a Rize model with a massage unit that features full body wave functions with different pre-programmed patterns and intensities. Everything is controlled with an ergonomic and easy to use remote control. Want to coordinate two power foundations to move simultaneously? No problem. All Rize adjustable beds can be easily wirelessly synced to move in tandem and be operated with a single remote. And no matter your brand of mattress, whether it be latex, memory foam or an adjustable bed friendly innerspring product, your Rize power foundation will work perfectly, increasing your comfort to provide the perfect sleep experience.
Rize power foundations feature a 20-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, with the initial five years covering parts and labor fully. All Rize power foundations are UL, ETL and Energy Star certified.

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