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Hand-crafted luxury. Superior components. Extended durability. These are the hallmarks of Therapedic's® ultra-premium TheraLuxe HD™ mattress collection. Every TheraLuxe HD mattress is carefully handcrafted by experienced artisans. Old-world construction techniques are combined with advanced technology and modern components, resulting in one of the finest mattresses available. Enjoy consistent restorative slumber - night after night, year after year. Therapedic's ultra-premium TheraLuxe HD mattress collection - one of the industry's most unique and enduring comforts offered, and one of the heaviest-duty pocketed innerspring mattresses that are adjustable bed friendly. Built the way mattresses used to be. Built to last.

Every TheraLuxe HD mattress is engineered for exceptional durability, with a comfort life easily doubling what is offered by most "premium" mattresses. This exceptional durability is accomplished by combining the industry’s most robust pocketed innerspring unit, the QLX HD Quantum with the TheraLuxe HD TheraEdge® perimeter support system. This proprietary design provides years of unrivaled contouring body aligning support along with a true edge-to-edge sleep surface. Old world inner-tufting unifies the entire structure, resulting in a mattress that resists motion transfer and provides a solidity unlike anything else you've ever experienced. This tufting, combined with the true QLX HD innerspring using only Quantum springs (2304 in a king size), creates an incredibly durable innerspring mattress that can be used in combination with an adjustable bed base without fear of compromising support or durability.

TheraLuxe HD mattresses utilize only the finest upholstery materials for a long-lasting and exceptional comfort life. Exclusive foams that are two to three times more dense than normal "premium" polyurethane foams provide both durability and resplendent comfort. Select models employ precision engineered, Oeko-Tex® certified natural latex foam that contributes additional sumptuous comfort, maintaining a consistently splendid feel for the life of the mattress while minimizing body impressions. Other models contain HypurGel polyurethane foams, a newer generation of extremely durable ultra high-density polyurethane foams that are incredibly comfortable. And all of these materials are further affixed through old-world hand-tufting, affording an unmatched solidity that resists both motion transfer and body impressions.

Every TheraLuxe HD mattress is painstakingly inner-tufted by hand. Inner-tufting is a process where the padding layers of the mattress are compressed and a strong cord is strung through the entire mattress, affixing the padding layers to the innerspring unit in a slightly compressed manner, creating a very durable and consistent sleep surface that minimizes artificial loft and resists body impressions. Very few manufacturers inner-tuft mattresses, as it takes a highly skilled craftsperson and adds a large amount of time to the production process. However, inner-tufting is the only way to create the comfort and durability demanded of all TheraLuxe HD products, and is especially necessitated when making an innerspring mattress that can be used in an adjustable bed setting, as this minimizes the bunching and deformation of the quilt panel.

All TheraLuxe HD mattresses are meticulously tailored using distinctive fabrics and rich offsetting borders. All TheraLuxe HD mattresses use Bekaert Adaptive textiles to help control humidity and create a cooler sleeping environment. Six handles are placed on each mattress. Elegant and thick welting not only provides enduring style, but also contributes to structural integrity and longevity, guaranteeing supreme durability and exceptional comfort. It’s exceptional quality that you can see and luxurious comfort that you can feel, year after year.

Should you not choose to place your TheraLuxe HD mattress upon an adjustable bed base, you may opt for the unique TheraLuxe HD Therability™ super heavy-duty foundation that contains up to three times the amount of wood used in normal foundations. This custom design provides superior stabilization and years of uncompromising sleep set performance. Because of the heavy weight of these foundations, we strongly encourage full and queen foundations to be ordered as splits.

The foams in all TheraLuxe HD mattresses use environmentally-friendly Bi-OH® technology and are CertiPUR-US® certified. All TheraLuxe HD mattresses are made in the USA with 100% American components. A 20-year non-prorated warranty is provided with every TheraLuxe HD mattress.

All TheraLuxe HD mattresses at Mattress To Go are Made in the U.S.A., with 100% of their components produced in the United States. Every TheraLuxe HD mattress also meets or exceeds the federal FR standard 16 CFR Part 1633, adopted July 1, 2007. 
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