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Rize Q85AG Bed Frame


Fits These Sizes:
Frame Type:
Bed Set Rail System, Hook-On

Product Specifications:

Frame Height:
Adjustable depending upon bed set attachment height.

Metal bed set frame rail system, clamp size adjustable, 1.5" angle iron, brackets for hook-on headboard and footboard attachment.

Made in USA.

Bed Frame Assembly and Manuals:


Made in USA

100% Recycled Steel

Product Overview:

The Rize Q85AG is a heavy-duty specialty hook-on converta frame, clamp adjustable into a queen size, and is meant to be used as the support structure of a hook-on bed set using both a headboard and a footboard.

It's used to allow a full size headboard and footboard bed set to accommodate a queen size mattress set. It features two legs fitted with adjustable glides for extra support. The side angle iron is 1.5", and all of the steel in this frame is very strong domestic recycled railroad steel from Jersey Shore Steel. There are headboard and footboard hook-on brackets riveted to the ends of the side rails, allowing for a headboard and footboard to be hooked onto this freestanding frame.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime.


Product Video: