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Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

“Nobody puts baby in a corner.” It’s a great line from the movie Dirty Dancing, but maybe not the best idea for an infant’s sleep environment. I was recently reading some comments by Dr. Am
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It's Alive!

It's alive! The new Mattress To Go website launched on Sunday, October 20, 2019. This has been over one year in the making. The old site was something I created about a decade ago with the GoDad
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Sleep Debt Increases Reaction Time

If you are chronically sleep deprived, you may need more than a weekend of rest to eliminate your sleep debt. A study had participants undergo a three-week regimen averaging 5.6 hours of sleep ev
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Effective Sleep Relaxation Techniques

Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) recently interviewed physicist Safi Bahcall (@safibahcall), and Safi offered some interesting tips on hypnosis, relaxation and falling asleep. The complete interview can be fo
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Honest Mattress Pricing Isn’t Going To Kill Your Business

An acquaintance of mine’s wife manages the print ad campaign for one of America’s largest furniture chains ($30 million plus per year). When he asked her why they continue advertising ridiculous
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