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“Much better experience than when shopping at other typical mattress/furniture stores.”
-Matthew (via Google)

“Mattress To Go is more than a mattress store. Jeff is an educator and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the best mattress for you. The prices are astonishingly low since he cuts out all of the overhead. I was nervous about not having a return policy, but that’s another way that this shop costs hundreds less than a major retailer. Also, with the amount of individual attention and the quality of the product, you’re not gonna need to return anything. My roommate, sister, friend, and myself have all gotten mattresses, foundations, and pillows by him and love them! My sister has been using hers for 3 years now and is still doing great.
Also, Jeff is just a very nice guy. If he’s not too busy, ask him about luge :-)”
-Rebecca (via Google)

“I bought a mattress from Jeff in early 2017, and I continue to recommend him to family and friends. I wish there were more businessmen like him. Seriously, it’s rare to find someone like him these days: honest, an expert, and sincerely cares about customers. I came to him with a unique situation. He could’ve just said he doesn’t have a product that’s a good fit for my use case because of the mattress thickness, but instead he made a recommendation for another company and told me the safety guidelines. Why? Because he wanted to help me. That meant a lot to me. I just ordered what he recommended without a second thought because I trust Jeff, and you should, too. Every opportunity I have to buy another mattress, I’m going straight to him. I pray God blesses Jeff with abundant provision for his honest business dealings, and I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
-A.A. (via Yelp! and Google)

“Jeff is amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. He walked us through our options, sleep styles and how the mattress was constructed and what it meant for us. An amazing experience and we will definitely send all our friends and family to him. Thanks Jeff, we love the mattress and pillows!”
-Evangelos (via Google)

“After repeat purchases, I’m certain my family and I will be life-long customers of Jeff and Mattress To Go. Most recently, I purchased a mattress topper that inadvertently was missing a cover. Unsolicited, Jeff detected the minor issue (I was still satisfied with my purchase and thus did not alert him), and went above and beyond to rectify the matter. In an age where customer service excellence is a rarity, Jeff really stands out. Highly recommend!”
-Lauren (via Google)

“We appreciated excellent customer service from Jeff at Mattress-To-Go when we purchased our mattress from him TEN YEARS AGO in 2014. We love our mattress which, like us, is beginning to show its age. We have since relocated to California and couldn’t find our mattress with an online search. I called the number on our old invoice. Jeff answered the call and provided me with guidelines and specifications for us to consider. That’s beyond customer service. Thank you again, Jeff, for your stellar Customer CARE!”
-Deb (via Google)

“Have bought many mattresses from Jeff and recently bought a new King mattress. Jeff went above and beyond to explain what mattress would be the best fit for us. I had called several weeks earlier and told him about a mattress brand me and my wife slept on while on vacation. He took it upon himself to email the bed and breakfast to see what mattress it was! Found out a lot about Jeff just by talking with him in his store. He has many certifications. He donates mattresses to a local ministry and was a luge coach in the Olympics!! You will not find better quality , price and customer service anywhere else. I encourage you to also read the blogs that he posts. Thank you Jeff!!”
-Chad (via Google)

“Jeff is great. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about his products, but he won’t push the most expensive products for the sale. He takes the time to work with the customer to find their needs and identify the best product for them. He sells great American made products from companies that stand behind their products. We bought our mattress over five years ago, had a problem with it, and the company made things right without conflict or extended delays. I don’t offer recommendations easily, but don’t hesitate to give the highest praise for Jeff and Mattress To Go.”
-Curtis (via Google)

“Excellent personalized service. Lots of questions from Jeff resulted in a very comfortable mattress at a reasonable price.”
-Linda (via Yelp!)

“The ONLY place to even consider getting a mattress. The owner, Jeff, is not only more knowledgeable that most company owners, he takes the time to get to know you as an individual. Each person is different and not every mattress will work for everyone. That’s what makes Mattress To Go so unique. They help you truly find the mattress that will give you the best night’s sleep. He’ll always get my business.”
-Lewis (via Google)

“Amazing service! I went with my grandma because we needed mattresses for the guest bedroom and the owner didn’t try to upsell us at all. He was very knowledgeable and friendly, listened to our situation and narrowed down our choices, and we were in and out including loading in less than 40 minutes. He even offered that we email him about anything he doesn’t sell so he can give us his opinion on the quality. I had never been mattress shopping before but I did not expect it to be this easy.”
-Michaela, (via Google)

“Great mattress! First time buying one and I love it.”
-Ashley P. (via Google)

“This is an incredible business. Jeff, the owner, has donated many mattresses to our ministry, Abigayle Ministries, in Sterling Heights for over 10 years. His heart to help and provide mattresses, pillows, bed frames and headboards helped to provide a safe place to sleep for our homeless moms and babies. Hundreds of women were blessed by his generosity. Jeff’s knowledge of mattresses is highly beneficial because he will match you with a mattress and frame that will best suit your sleeping needs and any kind of infirmities you may have. Additionally, you will find his pricing extremely affordable because he keeps his overhead low while providing an excellent product. We are thankful to Jeff for all he’s done for our ministry along with his desire to always provide the product the best suits your needs. God bless you Jeff!”
-Susan at Abigayle Ministries (via Google)

“Jeff is as knowledgeable and professional as they come. I started watching the Beducation videos he does on the website and after doing my own research to verify, I was happy with the information given. The process of purchasing was smooth and Jeff makes sure to keep you informed of anything you may need to know. Fantastic experience!”
-Ryan M. (via Google)

“My fiance and I made the trip to Shelby Twp. and bought a mattress from Jeff in December 2021 after seeing a recommendation for him from a mattress expert on Reddit. We wholeheartedly recommend him. He has the art of helping people choose mattresses down to a science and carries quality brands. We spent about $1,300 on an American-made king, and, more than a year later, we still regularly talk about how great the mattress is and how much we enjoy getting into bed. One note: he does not offer delivery, so you have to arrange your own transportation for the mattress from his store to your home. We rented a U-Haul.”
-Abbi (via Google)

“My wife and I bought our mattress from Jeff, the “Beducator,” a couple of months ago and it was way more than just buying a mattress. Jeff taught us everything we needed to know about mattresses and general sleep, which was very valuable. He was never pressuring or demanding and let us think our purchase over for the night. He places the customer’s health over his sales and had legitimate reasons and answers for why the ma[t]tress was a good fit. All questions and concerns were resolved. The mattress is very comfortable and he even reviewed and helped us pick a platform frame. We recommended him to my father-in-law who purchased the same mattress as us and loves it as well.”
-Eric (via Google)

“The owner is such an awesome friendly guy! Very helpful, and had exactly what we were looking for despite it being a hard to find product.”
-Brittney (via Google)

“In a world where the big box stores offer no product knowledge and the typical mattress place creeps you out with sleazy offers and sales practices, Jeff and Mattress To Go is a breath of fresh air. Quality products, fair prices and knowledgeable professional sales help. Stop wasting time, and go directly to Mattress To Go. I got exactly what I needed, to go, and at a good price. Thank you Jeff!”
-Scott, Michigan (via Google)

“I was referred to Jeff by the amish furniture store in the same plaza. It was a very casual recommendation and I really didn’t realize at the time that it would change my life. I waited a few months to write this review (bought our mattress in May of 2022) because that seems like the best way to write an honest thoughtful review of a mattress, but honestly this review is more about Jeff. I had spent endless hours researching mattresses. Foam vs coil vs spring etc. I have looked at just about every bed-in-a-box brand you can imagine. All of this is a mess of marketing and cheap foams. Then I met Jeff. Jeff is “THE” Beducator. He is brilliant, honest, driven and LIVES mattresses. He has created more content than one could ever watch and it will teach you everything you need to and more than you want to know about mattresses. It is with a lighthearted sadness that I say – Jeff actually didn’t sell me a mattress, but I happily bought one from him. He didn’t have to. I had made the decision about which mattress I was going to buy before I even walked in the store BECAUSE of the clear information on his website. The bamboo sheets and mattress protector from Malouf are the cherry on top. Strong, soft and cool. They just seem to get better as we wash them, too. They are so good that I bought my parents and in-laws a set. All of this being said, I still spent LESS THAN HALF of what I thought I would have to spend to get a quality mattress. Sleep may be the most important thing that we do, and Jeff is the person that you want to trust this too.”
-Richard, Michigan (via Google)

“Best place to go for mattress needs. They know what they’re talking about and aren’t just trying to sell you something. Great quality and prices.”
-Jerry, Michigan (via Google)

“Jeff is nothing short of amazing! My family, for generations now, have been buying our mattresses from his store. The quality of the mattresses he sells can’t be beat. He is well educated about the technology in the mattresses, pillows, toppers. He is not pushy, and he does not try to sell you the most expensive mattress. He just genuinely is in it to help you find the perfect mattress for your needs. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else!”
-Meagan, Michigan (via Google)

“Great shopping experience. Jeff is very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with. We had done a ton of research ahead of time and he was respectful of what we had learned and of what characteristics we were interested in hearing more about. There was absolutely no pressure or upselling. I believe we purchased a better mattress and box spring for less cost than the big national chains were trying to sell us. I wish we had come here first, it would have saved us a lot of time.”
-J.G., Michigan (via Yelp!)

“This store is the best, I had been recommended this store and thought it couldn’t be that much better, so I tried two closer mattress stores and at both of them they asked almost no questions and just lead me to the mattress they get the most commission on. Then I took the 1 hour drive to Mattress To Go and the difference was night and day, instead of being instantly lead to a mattress I was asked to sit at the desk and was asked a bunch of questions then was recommended a few mattresses at different price points that all felt better than what the other stores were offering and were even cheaper.”
-Pete, Michigan (via Google)

“A great place to shop! Seriously if you’re looking for a mattress and have a lot of questions, please go see Jeff!! 5 stars easy.”
-Dave, New York (via Google)

“Jeff at Mattress To Go has to be the sweetest and knowledgeable person in the industry. He never tries to sell us something we don’t need and always has what we are looking for at the best prices! Highly recommend Mattress To Go for your mattress needs!”
-Suzy, Michigan (via Yelp!)

“SAVED THE DAY!! Very excited toddler with a new bunk bed and no mattress, this was our last stop before heading home to check Amazon. Super friendly gentleman had us in and out with a great deal, even loaded it in the car for us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
-Kodi, Michigan (via Google)

“Best bed channel on youtube.”
-jacobtb1 (via YouTube)

“The owner, Jeff, is one of the few people in the mattress industry actively working to make it a less shady place. He gave us the best deal on the mattress we purchased (beating a competitors offer by $500) and I genuinely believe he cares about his customers satisfaction. He had an awesome, no pressure sales pitch and I would not hesitate to come back here again. I have quite literally never slept better in my life.”
-Zachary, Michigan (via Google)

“Just bought a mattress set and sheets. Walked away feeling like we got a great deal and really enjoyed the experience. Jeff listened to what we wanted and made it happen actually under our budget. The deal on sheets was something we weren’t expecting and were delighted with the deal. Thanks for making mattress buying a nice experience!”
-Kari, Michigan (via Google)

“I came into this store on a mission. I was going in for my 4th lumbar spinal fusion and I needed a new bed. I was getting little to no sleep on my current mattress (one of the high end all memory form mattress we all know out there). I spent hours on Google looking up “best bed for back problems” and got no where. Jeff was exactly who I needed to find! I myself am a sales person and I can appreciate NOT being sold to. Jeff listened to what I needed and then educated me on what and why certain beds would be best for you me. I ended up ordering the Capital Balding Boyne Hybrid and Rize Adjustable frame. The delivery company was great! And even after getting the surgery and having all the surgical pain I still slept better on this bed than I EVER had on the other. I love the bed, the frame and loved the experience I had at this store and would (have) recommend it to friends and family. Thank you Jeff!!”
-Lori, Michigan (via Google)

“Out of the many mattress stores my husband and I looked at, this was the only one where the owner, Jeff, answered all of our questions and had tons of knowledge about the different mattresses, pillows, etc. that we were looking for and didn’t try to push us into a bed just to make a sale. We felt confident in making our purchase here and great pricing! We’ll be returning for our future mattress needs!”
-Jenilee, Michigan (via Google)

“We had a wonderful experience buying a new mattress at Mattress To Go. Jeff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and gave us multiple recommendations based on our sleeping habits and budget. All the mattresses are great quality and meant to last. If you’re looking for a mattress you should definitely check them out.”
-Cassandra, Michigan (via Yelp! and Google)

“Hey Jeff, just wanted to thank you. You gave me the perfect mattress. I had a few days to sleep on it now and my lower back no longer has sharp pain. I haven’t recovered fully but I know my mattress was a big part of the problem, Thank you for everything.”
-Jason, California

“Years ago I feel in love with Mattress To Go because I was totally impressed with their approach to sales. Jeff gives honest advice and offers true value. There is no place you can get a better deal and definitely nobody that will take the time you need to make the right decision. You owe it to yourself to check out Mattress To Go before you waste money somewhere else.”
Rick, Michigan (via Google)

“Bed [f]rame is delivered and set up. Thank you again to Jeff [at] Mattress To Go for your donation of the frame and pillows. She will have a good nights (sic) sleep on her [b]irthday.”
-From Mattress To Go Donation to Woman’s Life Chapter 911 Macomb Angels (via Facebook)

“My friend [ ] gave me a [m]attress. He told me it was from you. Thank you so much. I’m disabled and on disability. I was sleeping on the floor. It really means a lot to me […].”
-From Mattress To Go 2020 Christmas Donations

“The owner is so knowledgeable and helpful. This is our second purchase at Mattress To Go and we highly recommend them!”
-Tanya (via Google)

“I bought a mattress for my daughter from Mattress To Go in Shelby Twp. this past weekend and had an amazing experience. The owner clearly explained all the options and we discussed the right choice. He was incredibly consultative in nature and the environment is absolutely zero pressure. The prices are very fair and the quality of the mattress is excellent. Honestly, I would have never considered going here if Art Van hadn’t gone bankrupt, but now I won’t consider going anywhere else for my family’s mattress needs.”
-Jonathan, Michigan (via Google)

“Jeff was fantastic. Very informative. It was my first time buying a mattress for myself. I was a bit nervous. It’s a big purchase! Jeff walked me through all the different facets of buying a mattress. I am completely confident in the mattress I ended up purchasing. Great product, great pricing and made in Michigan. 👍 Highly recommend Mattress To Go.”
-Lisa, Michigan (via Google)

“I would not buy a mattress or pillow anywhere else but here. Owner is VERY knowledgeable and friendly. Great pricing. Just phenomenal overall.”
-Vera, Michigan (via Google)

This place is wonderfully upfront, informed, and honest about mattresses and the mattress business. I found this place researching mattresses. It’s what every business that sell mattresses should be like. Helped us find the perfect mattress, and at a great price. I’m very happy this place exists, I’ve not had good luck at other retailers or bed in a box stuff. Great job! Best place to buy quality mattresses in the state.”
-SirDigbyaski, Michigan (via Google)

“This is THE place to go if you need a new mattress. The staff is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and never make you feel pressured to buy anything. We had a perfect experience and we are loving our new mattress.”
-Sammy Bobandy, Michigan (via Google)

“I would give more stars if I could! I just bought a great adjustable base here, I love it! I will be shopping here for all of my mattress needs in the future. I like to shop local and the owner, Jeff, made my experience way more pleasant than any big box furniture store where all I do is get confused. If you are shopping around for a mattress or base definitely come here to at least compare and I’m sure you will be as pleased as I am.”
-Lisa, Michigan (via Google)

“This review is not for mattresses (although once they open up we are in the market for new mattresses). This review is to thank you for the masks you handed out to myself and my wife last week. We couldn’t find them anywhere and you were a lifesaver for us when we went shopping for essentials. It is a selfless act of kindness you provided us and we will be in to see you guys when this is over. Thank you again.”
-George, Michigan (via Google)

“You want a Beducation (thorough education on beds), go here!  Jeff has tons of videos on YouTube, and will guide you step by step through the process to make sure you get the mattress that is right for you in your price range. There is no hard sell here, but you will ultimately buy a bed from Jeff.  If you’re like me, I went to 5 bed stores, did tons of research online, to make sure I was making an informed choice.  Jeff at Mattress To Go was my last stop (and it was impromptu, I was picking up my hubby at karate down the plaza), and I left feeling good about buying a bed from him. Hubby and I have gone thru beds like toilet paper, buying a new one every 1-2 years because it’s too firm for me, or too soft for him.  The beds we got from Jeff, well, it’s been 3 years now, and I have no intention of looking for another 10 or so. You can’t go wrong here!”
-Carey, Michigan (via Yelp!)

“This is an excellent place to buy a mattress. Jeff is so honest and kind. The bed that I bought is so comfortable and I will definitely be back to buy another. He has quality products and excellent prices!!!!”
-Sharol, Michigan (via Yelp!)

“Great experience and very knowledgeable owner. Competitive pricing!! Loved our mattress and overall experience here. Jeff even roped the mattress to my suv and gave instructions on how to get it down and take care of it at home for years to come. Perfect mattress for growing daughter into her teens.”
-MaryGrace, Michigan (via Google)

“Loved the Beducation and help. They listened to my medical problems and helped us decide on the best mattress. Small but very informative.”
-Cindy, Michigan (via Google)

“I always come back. The selection is great, price is right, and I always get top notch service from Jeff. This was my third purchase. I had to get a mattress, box spring, and heavy duty bed frame for my son. It was time to replace our beginner bed for him (bought somewhere else) and upgrade to something better. My son loves his new bed. I highly recommend! If I need another bed in the future, this will be my first stop.”
-Bob V., MIchigan (via Yelp!)

“Believe the hype, Mattress To Go is a great place  to get Beducated. Jeff is a no pressure, chill guy that will make sure you get the mattress you need and at the right price. He does this by listening to YOUR needs and then providing you options at a variety of price points. No pressure, no sales pitch, just straight knowledge. He’s like the Swami of Sleep Stuff! I have bought two mattresses from him in the past year. Couldn’t be more satisfied!”
-J.R., Michigan (via Yelp!)

“Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable professional and was thoughtful and courteous throughout the mattress buying process. Jeff is an active listener; he made sure to understand my priorities and preferences before recommending any products. He even helped me to understand my own comfort preferences better. Top of the line products (not just mattresses but also pillows and sheets), exceptional customer service and communication from start to finish, and a very warm, family friendly setting (no pushy sales tactics). Jeff is more of a sleep consultant than a mattress salesperson and for that reason I will be going to Mattress To Go for all my future mattress/sleep needs.”
-Conor, California (via Yelp!)

“Quality mattresses, trustworthy service. Over the past six years, my family has purchased a full, then a twin and now a queen mattress from Mattress To Go. It’s the only place I trust. And we love our mattresses!”
-M.F., Michigan (via Yelp!)

“This is the second mattress we have purchased from Mattress to Go. Jeff always takes the time to explain the components of the mattress, and honestly answers the many questions we had about other brands. He also carefully listened to what we were looking for in a mattress and was able to show us a great product. I also NEVER feel pressured to buy from Jeff. I highly recommend Mattress To Go for your next mattress purchase.”
-Amanda, Michigan (via Google)


“Very clean and plenty of options.”
-Aleksander, Michigan (via Google)

“Fantastic people. Great place to learn about and buy a mattress.”
-Richard, Michigan (via Google)

“Excellent product, and service! Very pleased with my new mattress.”
-riskrunner42, Michigan (via Google)

“I purchased my mattress from here about 2 years ago and it is the best purchase I have ever made! I had back pain that continued to worsen and my last ditch effort was to try out a new mattress. My mom has been going here and urged me to talk to Jeff. Jeff was truly amazing. He gave me advice that you cannot find online and helped me pick out a mattress that truly solved my back problems.”
-Kelly, Ohio (via Google)

“Very very knowledgeable and great prices.”
-Alisa, Michigan (via Google)

“Great service, realistically low prices.”
-Debi, Michigan (via Google)

“I love my bed! Very professional man. Thank you!!!”
-Kathleen, Michigan (via Google)

“Very knowledgeable and super friendly service. I would recommend!”
-Alana, Michigan (via Google)

“Hi Jeff, I just got the opportunity to sleep on the TheraLuxe bed you recommended. My sleep was better than expected. As a dentist, my back is very important and today I woke up without any lower back soreness/pain. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way! I’m glad I trusted you in this process since there are so many phony products and false claims in the market these days, and I know this as a health professional. Thank you so much and I will be sure to recommend you to all my colleagues in the future!”
-Thomas, Virginia (via Google)

“Jeff is very helpful and friendly. He was very patient in explaining the different mattresses. We made a purchase and we are so glad we found him. Highly recommend!”
-Sophia, Michigan (via Google)

“If you are tired of the typical mattress sales experience, this is the place you should go to buy your mattress. No haggling, no pressure, no BS, just the best price without the games. Highly recommend!”
-Dan, Michigan (via Google)

“Great prices, and awesome customer service! The gentleman who helped us (I’m assuming was the owner) was so knowledgeable and so willing to help us find a good fit! Second mattress we have purchased from here, very happy both times!”
-Sara, Michigan (via Yelp!)

“I purchased a Therapedic MediCoil HD Karolyn Plush (queen set) from you a little over a year ago (without even testing the mattress in person!) and I must say it has been the most supportive and comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I have slept better this past year than I have many years prior. I want to thank you for your suggestion and incredible customer service throughout the process of research, purchase and shipping! I am now a Mattress to Go, Jeff Scheuer, and Therapedic evangelist! Any discussion I hear concerning mattresses, I send people your way.”
-Tyler, Florida

“Jeff, a quick thanks for your suggestions of the MediCoil HD Kamille firm size mattress ($1000) and two pillows ($60 each). The previous mattresses we purchases from Art Van were not good, were overpriced and they didn’t last in our opinion. We are now enjoying your suggestions and sleeping on a firm cloud. Happiness is!”
-Ralph, Michigan (via Yelp!)

“We arrived unknowingly right at closing time and the owner was very gracious. We didn’t even realize it until we were leaving, Never felt rushed. Definitely educated us. Excellent price. We had already visited Art Van, Gardner White and Value City today but felt we received the bed service and value (quality for the price…we hope) [h]ere.
-Lisa, Michigan (via Google)

“This Guy is Mr. Beducation. He is very knowledgeable and has good products.”
-Giovan, Michigan (via Google)

“Even from several states away, Mattress To Go is highly recommended for your bed, bed frame and any related needs. I’m sure locals love Mattress To Go, but for anyone out of state reading this – you can have a great experience and buy with Mattress To Go too! Mattress To Go drop shipped directly to our front door at the best price I could find. Not only did they have the best prices, they were the most [knowledgeable], helpful and customer service oriented business I’ve run into in a long time. Jeff helped answer my questions via email several months ago. He was patient while I waited over three months to place my order – there was no pressure to buy or place an order which was refreshing. It was clear Jeff was only concerned about getting me the best information so my wife and I could rest easy on the best bed solution. We had questions about a new product by [Leggett] and Platt. We called the L&P corporate office first (not Mattress To Go) and no one could help me learn about a new bed frame coming out (the Comfort Elite). I emailed Jeff, hoping he would know. He called the reps and followed up with me to provide me the exact info I needed so we could order their new line of bed frames. By now, Mattress To Go earned my business and then some. But to finish an already excellent job Jeff followed up after I purchased to send updates about my special order, when it arrived at the warehouse and when it was shipping out. That’s how you earn a customer for life!”
-Eric K., Colorado (via Google)

“I stopped in on my lunch break to check out the sale. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable. Honestly he was nothing like the salesmen at Art Van or Gar[d]ner White. He showed me the best options for me and the way I sleep. With the sale he has going on, I got a phenomenal deal. The best part of this experience was being comfortable. Jeff made me feel like it wasn’t a big deal if I bought a mattress from him or not. One thing about going into the other furniture stores, it’s like they will sell you whatever they can. If it’s good for you or not, as long as they make the sale. I really don’t like the high pressure sales. (Especially when it’s a bigger purchase) I didn’t have that feeling at all with Jeff. I highly recommend Mattress To Go to anyone who is in the market for a new mattress. The sale they have right now is amazing.”
-Rebecca (via Google)

“This is where you want to go for the perfect bed. Honest and knowledgeable. We went EVERYWHERE looking for a bed…all the popular (overpriced) furniture stores. We are weary of those stale sales pitches, the bogus free tv, cheap materials sold for overinflated prices. We went through 2 beds in 5 years from those types of places after being told they were the best you could buy. We saw on youtube about MATTRESS TO GO and the Beducator. Learned a lot and decided, we’ll just go take a look. We wanted a quality bed! Well, we got one. At MATTRESS TO GO. Jeff is the best in the business, very knowledgeable and knew just what we needed. You can’t just go in and buy hype like they sell at those other stores. We were buying from an expert. An expert who has no hype just the expertise and knowledge and connection to the best product available. We are going on 7 years with this mattress and wonder if we should be getting it replaced….but it is as good as the day it came into our home. How do you replace a perfectly good mattress? The box springs are holding up perfectly. The mattress covering itself is so comfortable. As larger folks we went through some box springs and mattresses in the past but not this mattress set. Let Jeff fix you up with a sturdy yet comfortable mattress and box spring. We’ve researched this for a over a year before purchasing from Mattress to Go. Check my reviews, they are brutally honest. Yet, we send everyone we know here. And honestly, Mattress To Go is the only place I will ever buy a mattress…..IF I should ever need one again. Jeff, thank you for being a honest man to deal with and for giving us the sturdiest, most comfortable bed we have ever slept in. You’re are one of kind. Thank You!”
-Jay W., Michigan (via Yelp!)

“My parents got a mattress over 5 years ago and they are still in great condition and they love it. Went to get my son a mattress yesterday and Jeff was great, gave us great info and didn’t try to up sell or pressure us just gave us the facts. We were able to try out all the different styles. Highly recommend going here will definitely be back to get a new mattress for us!!! A+++++ service.”
-Andrew C., Michigan (via Google)

“Without a doubt, the best mattress store around town. I have had great experiences when I was in this store. The owner, Jeff, is very knowledgeable of the mattresses that he is selling, and even offers a [B]education to make sure his customers know exactly what they need and should be buying. Highly recommended.”
-Ryan T., Michigan (via Yelp!)

“Just bought a great mattress set at a very fair price. No pressure to buy and the owner Jeff gave us so much information and enough space to test out all of the mattresses without standing over us. We did not shop around. We did not need to. I’ve never been more impressed with a big purchase experience. He is also an owner operator! Buy local. Buy from small businesses.”
-Brian B., Michigan (via Google)

“Very helpful, great prices, sells quality AMERICAN made products. Jeff will give you a proper [B]education and only point you to what you need for a good night’s sleep.”
-Ken, Michigan (via Google)

“Just a quick note to let you know just how happy we are with our new mattress. I knew we needed one but wasn’t prepared for what a massive difference it would make from a 20-year-old one. Mattress stores are becoming a dime a dozen and seem to be popping up on every corner in every city. Had we ended up going to one of those places in a location much closer to us, I’m certain we would not have been as happy as we are now. Your “Beducation” of mattresses, their sourcing, and your patience is greatly appreciated. As you can understand, laying in a bed in a retail setting with your significant other can be a strange event, but you made us feel comfortable and answered all of our many questions with enthusiasm and patience, and most importantly, sincerity. We love out bed, it is perfect for us and out different sleeping positions, and each of us has not slept better in many years. Sop thank you, and when we are in the market again, you will be hearing from us.”
-Leah and David, Michigan

“If you want an honest, educated salesperson this is where to go! He doesn’t pressure you to buy, just gives you the facts. We actually came in over a year ago and picked out a mattress and then things came up and we had to wait due to finances. We ended up going with the exact same mattress we picked out over a year ago. The prices are very reasonable for such quality mattresses. We LOVE our new king mattress!! Thank you so much Mattress To Go!!! We will recommend to everyone! Jeff also went above and beyond helping us load the mattress in the truck and teach us how to use the ratchet straps!
-Shannon L., Michigan (via Google)

“Jeff was very helpful in educating us on what we needed for a mattress.”
-Chris H. (via Google)

“I bought my mattress from you with a lot of discussion and guidance. I have had it almost 5 years. Before, I slept terrible and napped often. I also had back and shoulder problems. I have not had a problem at all since then. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! It is still like new as well! I will never go anywhere else. You are my mattress Expert King!
-Mary A. Michigan (via Facebook)

“We bought a mattress from Jeff last January. My husband researched like crazy the new world of mattress buying and selling. I have back issues, really need a good mattress. We hauled over to Jeff’s store from Livonia. He had many types of beds to try and was not a hard sell. Gladly and thoroughly answered all of your questions, then let us roll around on the beds. There were 2 I liked but then husband said, let’s try the latex one. We did, I liked it best. It’s not cheap, quite a bit more than the other one I liked, but this one did feel better. We ordered it (they’re made to order) and it was ready the next week. No more box springs!!! We made a platform for it, started using it. It does feel different than the usual coil bed, took a little adapting. But so far it’s been working out great. They deliver, but we drove back and picked it up ourselves. Totally used to it w/in a week or so. I’ve had some nights where I never wake up, at all, until the time to get up in the morning (been years since that happened). I like it. It is an investment, but for us, it is worth it. Ask your doctor for an Rx. If you have a history of neck/back/etc. problems, can probably put it in as a medical deduction. One of the best parts of dealing w/Jeff, was he’s not “this is only time this price will be so low/great, etc. garbage,” you usually hear.”
-Johnson B., Michigan (via Yelp!)

“Just bought a MediCoil bed from here and LOVE it! Jeff is so Beducated lol. I have lower back problems and he recommended the perfect mattress for me. You can’t beat the prices here either! Thank you, Jeff! My back thanks you as well!
-Marie, Michigan (via Google)

“Jeff was very helpful while we were buying our mattress. We had a lot of questions, and a lot of concerns, and he talked us through all of it very honestly. He was open about the pros and cons, and very certain to make sure we understood what we were getting ourselves into. We even received a hand written thank you card a few weeks after the purchase. He made the experience of buying a mattress go from miserable to enjoyable.
-Allison, Michigan (via Google)

“After trying several big chain stores for a mattress, I found that Jeff provided EXCELLENT service at Mattress To Go. He was able to help me choose the perfect mattress by understanding what I was looking for and working with my budget. I felt he went above and beyond to “Beducate” me on the right mattress. I didn’t feel pressured to make any purchase like I felt at other big chain stores. If you are in the market for a quality mattress, I highly recommend going to visit Jeff at Mattress To Go!”
-Stacy, Michigan (via Google)

“I don’t usually write reviews, but I just had to this time. The service that we received from Jeff was above and beyond any other place that I have shopped. Jeff was very friendly, and spent a lot of time helping me pick out the perfect mattress. There was absolutely no pressure to buy, and he did a great job of educating me on the different mattresses. When we brought home and opened up the box to one of your bases, there was a small hole on the top of the base. With no hesitation, Jeff ordered us a new base. He then drove it to our house, which is 45 minutes away from the store, after he got off work at 8pm one night. He not only set the new one up, but he packaged up the other heavy base and took it away. I love, love love my new mattress and will definitely be back!!! Thanks Jeff for the amazing service!
-Madeline, MI (via Google)

“Thank you for such a pleasurable transaction. To get detailed, personalized service is so rare these days. To have gotten this level of service never having set foot in your store is truly remarkable. I wish you great success as you continue to grow your business and I hope to be back as a repeat customer soon.”
-Jason, CA

“I never thought in a million years I would have to go out of state to buy a mattress. I am thankful to have stumbled upon your site. Jeff, I can’t thank you enough. This is the first time in years I am very happy with my mattress. You are an amazing person with such knowledge when it comes to the mattress industry. I will be letting all of my friends and family know about your store.”
-Jen, NY

“First, I just want to give a Huge Thank You to Jeff at Mattress To Go for blessing us beyond belief with a new and wonderful mattress!!! We are so thankful to you for your help, guidance, generosity, and unbelievable kindness. And secondly, if you’re looking for a new mattress, Mattress To Go is definitely the place to visit. Jeff was awesome! And really knows his stuff. He was a huge help in pointing us in the right direction. He knew our exact needs from what we were describing and pointed us to the perfect bed! And we love it! We have had the best sleep! So if you’re planning on getting a new mattress soon, please go see Jeff, you’ll be happy you did.”
-Nate, MI

“The owner knows more about mattresses than anyone I’ve ever met (which is evidenced on his You Tube series Beducation). He directed my wife and I to a mattress that he thought might fit us, and boy was he right. Extremely helpful, extraordinary knowledge, nicest guy. I’d recommend to anyone. Only downside is that they don’t deliver, but wasn’t much of an issue. He offered to coordinate a delivery service if we wanted, however I opted to take care of it myself.”
-Josh, MI

“If the owner was any friendlier I’d probably expect to see him on Unsolved Mysteries or something. Purchased a mattress and box spring from the owner a few years back and he was so nice about helping us out with everything he even strapped it on top of our SUV for us! What a guy! The rest of my mattress shopping experiences are basically me wandering around a store aimlessly, laying on spring mattresses being uncomfortable, and having the salesperson shaking papers to sign in my face about purchasing a $1300 hunk of junk. I never felt pressure (is that a mattress pun?) but you ought to come here if you’re in the market for a mattress and see how positive the experience should be!”
-Eric, MI

“Just wanted to say thanks again. The mattress made a big difference. Sometimes I wake up in the same position that I last remembered falling asleep in. The pillow made a big difference. I no longer use two pillows. Have not done that in years! The pillow has made a huge improvement as well! Thanks again.”
– John, MI

“I really appreciated your willingness to take the time to answer my questions about my adjustable bed purchase as well as offering suggestions about how to choose a mattress. It’s not often that a customer gets a chance to talk with the owner of a business, and it was a pleasure. I have told many of my friends about your on-line store. You are the best!”
– Tebbie, MD

“Well I have had the bed since Friday. Everything went very smooth with delivery and so far the mattress seems first rate. I am very pleased with my whole experience and can’t believe I ordered a mattress online, something I was very hesitant to do. Thank you for making this a good thing for me, in the way of informational video, additional information, quick replies and service. That’s exceptional these days!”
– Terri, WI

“I started out as your typical price shopper when the wife and I decided to purchase a king size bed. Once I met Jeff (The Guru of Mattresses) and found out the difference between price versus quality, I was hooked! I am now the proud owner of a quality custom-made mattress and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Jeff.”
– Jerry (via Yelp!)

“Happy New Year!! We received our adjustable beds just before Christmas and we are more than pleased. Just wanted to say thanks for everything!! Your services were awesome and the Rize adjustable beds are great.”
– Justin, ND

“The bed arrived . . . and I installed it that night. The bed is perfect and installation without needing to connect up the headboard was very simple. . . . The mattresses are wonderful and we are both sleeping very soundly. The transportation of the bed . . . was very efficient and your customer service in getting them [to the transportation company] exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank you again for the awesome service. I’m a very satisfied customer and will pass the word on your customer review site. Best to you in the New Year.”
– Cameron, AK

“I am sending you this to let know that my wife and I THOROUGHLY enjoy the mattress [Queen Set King Koil Extended Life XL 350] you sold us. Thank you for all your help in ordering and shipping our bed, as well as your input and all the videos [Beducation] you provide. I have never had someone help me purchase a bed (including other major purchases) as much as you did. I commend you on being honest and providing the information needed in making a very important decision, as well as a very good and fair price! Most people don’t want to take the time nor do they want to relinquish the information needed for people to make a knowledgeable and quality decision. You are truly making a difference in people’s lives! I wish you continued success!”
– Matt K., PA

“Jeff is the nicest, most knowledgeable professional you could hope to deal with. I was skeptical buying a mattress over the internet especially after the great price I was quoted. Jeff is a man of his word – the transaction couldn’t have gone smoother. Wish there were more people like Jeff in other professions.”
– Darleen K., NY (via Yelp!)

“Had an amazing experience. Never thought that buying a bed would be so fun and enjoyable. I didn’t get paid to write this review. I was simply in desperate need of a bed and Jeff was there to help me out. Even though it was 20 mins. to close and storming out, he still stayed friendly and his Beducation really shined through. Ten out of ten, would recommend.”
– Adam S. (via Google+)

“The best mattress experience I have ever had. I had decided on IKEA for our spare bedroom mattress but wanted to drop by and see what kind of deal we could get and we ended up picking up one here instead. The price was great and Jeff couldn’t have been any more helpful or friendly. Thanks again. If we are in the market for a mattress in the future we will be stopping by here first.”
– Kevin G., CA (via Yelp!)

“We came across Mattress To Go on the net while researching the purchase of a Pure Latex Bliss mattress topper. Jeff was very responsive to our emailed inquiries, was extremely helpful in our decision making, and is getting the topper to us faster than our local retailer could. He also went out of his way to look into some special shipping options. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend Jeff and Mattress To Go to anyone. We’re contemplating a Pure Latex Bliss mattress, and if we do buy one, it will be from Jeff.”
– Gary, MA

“If you do any research on a bed, which you should, the road leads to Mattress To Go. The man knows mattresses. He has them in every budget and you’re getting a quality bed for the price. He does not do all the gimmicks of other [stores] of the world. After doing my research I went with latex. I have never heard of latex beds before but it is fantastic. We love our Beautiful Pure Latex Bliss mattress. I used to wake up three times during the night but no more. I feel so rested every morning. Like everyone said Jeff was so helpful. I went to the store five times lying on different latex firmnesses. Jeff knows it is a big decision. Do not forget the latex pillows! Thanks Jeff! I know my latex will last a long time but I will send as many people as I know to your wonderful store.”
– D.D., MI (via Yelp!)

“Hey Jeff: Thanks for the Thank You card. I’m thankful for finding your information on the internet and leading me to make a much more informed decision on a bed. The mattress and foundation were delivered today and everything is set up and ready to go. I appreciate your expertise and desire to help!”
– Phillip, IL

“Dear Jeff: We love you! We highly value your input as a kind-hearted expert willing to assist us with our decision on what to select for our bed and topper. Thank you for being there for us! . . . It is so wonderful to have such a trustworthy person to complete this transaction through!!! It is a pleasure doing business with you!”
– Kathy and Bob, TX

“Jeff, I love my bed. Thank you for your tutelage, the wealth of information you provided, and your personal attention and answering of my questions, my many questions. [I] could not be happier! Every time I hear anyone – friends, family or strangers – talking about buying a bed I tell them to go to your website…Thanks so much again.”
– Jason, OK

“I really appreciate the personal service in answering my questions and helping me to understand the different types of latex mattresses and their associated benefits. It is very refreshing to come across a business that has not forgotten about providing outstanding customer care as a norm.”
– Eric, GA

“Jeff, you got us the best bed ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is just amazing and such an extra pleasure to have met such a great person as yourself.”
– Lynne, CA

“You would be a fool to buy a mattress anywhere else. Seriously. Jeff is a connoisseur of bed products. He is like the Neil deGrasse Tyson or Steven Hawking of mattresses. In addition to knowing more about mattresses than anyone alive, he’s not the traditional slimy, commission-grubbing salesperson. He takes the time to understand your needs and make an educated suggestion, regardless of what he stands to gain personally. The products in his store are great quality and super reasonable price. Before you waste a ton of money on a mattress that may not be right for you, talk to Jeff.”
– Sean, MI (via Yelp!)

“Excellent! That’s the one word I would use to sum up our experience at Mattress To Go. Excellent service, excellent quality, excellent follow up. Our mattresses were 10 years old, and we knew it was time to purchase new. We started to research and kept coming back to the helpful information in the Beducation section of the Mattress To Go website. On a nice day, we drove from Grand Rapids to metro Detroit to check things out in person. What a great decision! The store was located off of major crossroads and easy to find, with parking readily available outside the entrance. The store was clean and organized, and more educational information was available by the beds and on the TVs that were mounted on the walls. When we walked in, we were greeted immediately by Jeff, the owner. He was personable and knowledgeable, and struck the right mix of attentiveness without hovering. He asked us questions about our sleep habits that we had never really considered, and recommended a variety of beds to sample. We spent quite a while in the store, moving from mattress to mattress (it was a 4 hour round trip, so we wanted to be thorough). Other customers came in while we were there, and Jeff politely excused himself to help them. We had the opportunity to casually observe those interactions and were just as impressed with the way he worked with others – consistently knowledgeable and pleasant. We found mattresses that we really liked, so we started the ordering process. Jeff helped us consider pricing differences between shipping and another drive to metro Detroit – as it turned out, it was less expensive for us to pick up the mattresses. Jeff was willing to hold the mattresses for us until we could make the drive back to the area (another few weeks after they were available). He even recommended that we hold off on purchasing the pillow toppers that we were considering, sharing that it’s better to sleep on the mattresses for at least 1 month to determine whether a pillow topper would really be necessary. How many owners do you know who would talk you out of spending more money in their stores?! After our purchase, we received a handwritten follow up card from Jeff. He even included a comment regarding a conversation that we had in the store. Then, he followed up when the mattresses arrived, helping us determine the best time in OUR schedule to drive back to the area. We’ve had our mattresses for 2+ months, and are so pleased with our selection and decision to work with Jeff at Mattress To Go. He guided us in the right direction and made mattress shopping a fun experience. We would definitely return to Mattress to Go for our future mattress needs and are pleased to recommend Mattress To Go and Jeff to others who are in the market. Excellent!”
– Mike, MI (via Yelp!)

“Thanks again for all the info on your [Beducation] videos. It really helps to sift through all the choices out there. I find myself wanting to open the ends of the mattresses and look for the hog rings, glued together foam and the other info you give in your videos. I’ve become obsessed. LOL.”
– B.J.

“This retailer is worth every cent of your business. Three full months of head-spinning research led me to this no-nonsense mattress shop in Shelby Township. The owner, Jeff, greets you as soon as you walk into his store and somehow manages to handle every aspect of the transaction himself. . . . And even though he runs the shop on his own, he still delivered the best service I have ever received for a transaction like this. . . . As a salesman, he is a great blend of patience and informative. Very easy to talk to and not “pushing for a sale” with every single word. It’s like you’re talking to a friend about mattresses, only the friend is an expert. A few days after my easy-breezy trip home with my mattress on my roof, I received his handwritten thank you card in the mail replete with personal remarks about our chats. . . . Can’t recommend his shop strongly enough. Thanks for everything Jeff!”
– Dave, MI (via Yelp!)

“Had awesome service from Jeff while picking up my first new mattress ever! Great prices accompanied by great service! He even helped me load everything into my vehicle and strapped it all down. I also got a pleasant hand written letter in my mail from him as well, all around Jeff was a great guy to deal with and an interesting person as well! Would definitely recommend, my new bed is great!”
– Avery, MI (via Angie’s List)

“We wouldn’t go anywhere else for mattresses. After you find Mattress To Go (and Jeff) it makes buying a new bed easy – no hassle/haggle/’biggest sale of the year’ bs! Always great prices and fantastic service. We have bought 4 beds from Jeff so far and my husband just asked that I pick up 2 more for our cabin 3 hours north.”
– Erin, MI (via Yelp!)

“Just wanted to give you an update. I have received both the [Pure Latex Bliss] topper and mattress. Slept on both . . . they are wonderful!! Both mattress and topper arrived in perfect condition. The delivery personnel were fantastic. . . . Best mattress I have ever slept on. Thanks again!”
– Grafton, VA

“How refreshing to go to a place where I didn’t feel like ‘the next sale.’ Jeff took the time to understand my needs, presented the options and let me come to the best decision. Jeff is very personable, and I was happy to support a great local business! I’ll be returning to get a replacement queen mattress.”
– Matt, MI (via Angie’s List)

” . . . [A]rmed with research, we walked into [Mattress To Go] feeling hopeful but somewhat cynical. The guy in the Beducation videos couldn’t be for real. Well, Jeff walked us through mattress choices fully answering every question and the once daunting task of buying a mattress turned into an enjoyable experience with no up-selling to ward off. After four months of faithfully rotating the mattress according to instructions, we are thrilled with our new purchase and are sleeping through the night for the first time in years! Thank you Jeff.”
– Rick and Anne, MI (via Yelp!)

“We were very happy with the order as it was exactly as it was supposed to be. Everything was explained to us well. The owner far exceeded our expectations by not being pushy, never once pressured us, was totally honest with us (even if it meant us purchasing something less expensive but would fit our needs), and we felt very happy about our purchase then and now that we’ve had the item for weeks. We would buy from Jeff at his store again and will be recommending him to everyone that mentions that they want a new mattress, pillows or mattress covers. . . . Thanks Jeff for making our decision a non-stressful one. . . . I haven’t slept this well in years.”
– Timothy, MI (via Angie’s List)

“After sleeping on what Jeff called “my liquid bed” for almost 30 years, I was not exactly thrilled when my husband told me we need to get “a real bed.” However, after reading the reviews on different places, and then visiting them, hands down this place is the top! Jeff was so helpful and actually picked our bed out on the first try. His patience and understanding of what I needed, even allowing me to spend as much time as needed to make my choice. His knowledge of knowing just what a customer wants and needs, along with his outstanding customer service has this place sitting on top of my “you should go to this place” list. I am in love with my new bed, and the fact that Jeff was able to save me money by telling me what I really needed to buy instead of trying to sell me on things that I did not need shot him to the top of my most favorite places to shop. I just wish he sold more stuff! I would love to get this kind of experience with all of my large purchases! Thank you Jeff for EVERYTHING including tying the mattress down in the bitter cold. You can count on my word of mouth to spread across the land!”
– J.A., MI (via Yelp!)

“We needed a new mattress. We both did a LOT of research online, and got more confused. . . . We found Mattress To Go online and we liked what we saw. We went to the store later that day. We talked to Jeff, the owner, right as we walked in. He talked to us a bit about our needs and sleeping habits. He was very accommodating as we tried out different beds and asked questions. We never got a hint of pushiness from him, which was refreshing. We bought a bed that day. We have had it for a week now, and we love it! I would recommend, without hesitation, purchasing a bed here.”
– Bill, MI (via Yelp!)

“Jeff, thank you so much for all the time you spend trying to get everyone Beducated. Personally, I feel like an empowered bed buyer now, all thanks to you. You are a shining example of what is and should be the standard for customer service.”
– Jennie

“Very friendly, low pressure, informative. The reason that we should all want to support local business. Bought this one and will soon buy for another for a guest room. Great store and great experience.”
– James, MI (via Angie’s List)

“My [wife] and I were treated with respect, no pressure into feeling like we had to purchase a mattress from his store. [Jeff] took a lot of time to make sure we got what we were looking for in the type of mattress we wanted and the price too. I would recommend the store to family and friends. Was a very nice experience.”
– Thomas, MI (via Angie’s List)

“Jeff and his Mattress To Go store in Shelby Township is truly the best place to buy your mattress. My wife and I were trying to find information about all mattresses. We bought before at the big chain stores and slept on that bad mattress for too long. This time we were determined to get it right. Jeff got awesome praise on other web sites and we could see his honest desire to help in his YouTube Beducation videos, and to then find us what was right and comfortable for a husband and wife in the same bed. Jeff also promotes ‘Made in America’ – even our bed frame was made by a company in Ohio. . . . Thanks to Jeff for his personal commitment to be the best!”
– Corby and Barb, MI (via Yelp!)

“I flew from NJ to buy this mattress – that says it all (the fact that I was also going to my wife’s graduation will be left out for dramatic appeal). Once in a while a business stands out from among their peers and it becomes very easy to write a nice review for them. Mattress To Go is one of those businesses. In the past I’ve been buying mattresses from the big box stores but I have found them to be impersonal and not very customer friendly. Then I saw the YouTube videos Jeff the owner from Mattress To Go made and instantly I knew this is the guy. He’s not trying to trick you or sell you something you don’t want/need. He’s there to educate you on what’s available and you make the decision. When I visited the store Jeff was just as informative and enthusiastic as he was in the videos. I sensed he was one of the most competent salesmen/owners I have ever met. He is easy going, has a calm demeanor and is so helpful that it was a joy to go bed shopping. He worked hard to meet my requirements of a delivery time frame and kept me updated via email of the progress. . . . Most corporations just don’t get it. People aren’t looking for cheap; they’re looking for value. I’d rather spend a little more knowing I’m getting value for my dollar. Jeff at Mattress To Go gets it. He understands what the consumer wants. Great value at a great price. I will be buying another bed without hesitation; I can give him no higher recommendation that this.”
– K.K., NJ (via Yelp!)

“Jeff is the best – VERY knowledgeable. We purchased our son’s mattress there. No pressure, beautiful selection. Clean store and fantastic prices make this store our store of choice for mattresses.”
– Kim, MI (via Yelp!)

“I would agree with everything that has already been said. Went in today, talked with Jeff the owner. Found him to be very knowledgeable and low pressure. Store has great prices and good inventory. Would definitely recommend.”
– Rich, MI (via Yelp!)

“My wife and I just had an excellent experience shopping at Mattress To Go last night. I had watched several of the Beducation videos on YouTube starring the owner, Jeff. The videos were very informative on the do’s and don’ts, comfort, quality and health considerations involved with purchasing a mattress. While pricing local mattress stores, Jeff’s education and openness was in stark contrast with other retailers trying to convince us that we, ‘didn’t need to look at other options.’ Jeff is now our new ‘mattress guy.’ The store is beautiful and well organized. Jeff only focused on sets appropriate for our son and didn’t try to pressure/upsell us to something we didn’t need. The $400 mattress set we purchased for our son has all the features and feels better than the $700 set we were being shown by the ‘big furniture store’ nearby. You can’t go wrong at Mattress To Go!”
– Jason, MI (via Yelp!)

“I watched quite a few of them [Beducation videos] and then posted the information/link to my Facebook page to tell all of how informative and interesting your videos are!! Thank you for taking the time to Beducate the public!”
– Merilyn

“Just a quick note to thank you so much for the wonderful videos you put online, they are so informative; perfect for anyone in the market for a new bed – it can be so confusing. . . . [K]eep up the great work as there must be so many other people out there grateful for your Beducation!!”
– Nicola

“Thank you so much Jeff for all of your help today picking out a mattress for my two year old’s first “big boy” bed! I really appreciate the great service!”
– Tiffany, MI

“Would highly recommend and sure to return the next time we need a mattress! No pressure approach to sales is very rare these days! Variety of prices to suit all needs (we were looking for an inexpensive but comfortable mattress for a spare bedroom). Jeff is super friendly and professional! We were able to take home the mattress that day (literally right after we purchased them, and Jeff loaded and secured them to the roof of our vehicle).”
– Sheridan, MI

“The mattresses and adjustable beds came today and are set up. I am very pleased with the beds and mattresses, they look to be very high quality. I am looking forward to having my best night’s sleep in almost three years. . . . By the way, the delivery crew was fantastic. They did an excellent setup job and were friendly and professional. . . . Thanks again for all of your help and I will definitely recommend people to visit your web site to anyone I know or hear that is looking for a mattress. Thanks again.”
– Harry

“Every person who’s looking to buy a bed should watch all of these [Beducation] videos. Thank you.”
– ParadoxPersepctive (online response to Beducation® video – pure Latex BLISS Natural Latex Active Fusion pillow)

“Your videos totally rocked our world.”
– David

“I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate your YouTube (videos), they were very informative. . . . [Y]ou are an amazing businessman and a role model in your community.”
– Becky

“Jeff, just a note to let you know we received the mattress yesterday…great delivery service and arrived well. Put everything together and we slept on it last night. Felt great this AM and so did the wife. Thanks again for all the help and Beducation videos. They are all great. You made the purchase process so easy. If I have friends looking to purchase a mattress I’ll surely recommend them to you.”
– Dan

“Hi Jeff, I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new mattress. You were so great in everything you did to carry us through what is usually an unpleasant process. I have given your info to several friends and hope that they will give you business in the future. We certainly will whenever we are in need of a new bed!”
– Colleen, MI

“Dear Jeff…thank you for your passion, honesty and dedication to your craft. I feel confident when I find people who embrace knowledge and use the knowledge (power) for good.”
– Paul

“Jeff, you are the Yoda of the mattress world. Because of your teachings I realize that I have been deceived by the Dark Side.”
– Tim

“Dear Jeff, I want to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to receive your handwritten thank you note for my recent mattress and pillow purchase. It is nice to see that there are still people and businesses that have the personal touch . . . I also want to tell you that I am really enjoying my Kathy Ireland Prairie Dreams Eurotop full set and Sealy queen size pillows. . . . I no longer need to use my leg/foot prop to ease my swelling and arthritis pain. . . . My sister’s cat loves sleeping on the mattress, as well. . . . Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and other consumers, and for selling me such affordable and comfortable products!”
– Jacqueline, MI

“Great video! So much valuable information. You deserve a decent human being award. Best of luck to your business. You’ve helped me so much.”
– Atomiclightbulbs (online response to Beducation® video – The truth behind 50% off mattress sales)

“Jeff, thanks so much for the help, information and the service in our mattress purchase . . . I will highly recommend both your “[B]education” videos and your mattress sales as well to any all who will listen.”
– Jim, MI

” . . . Picked up our new mattress from the factory yesterday. Everything went well. They were double bagged as you said . . . They are all set up and I slept like a baby. I couldn’t be happier with this entire experience. I appreciate the accommodations you made due to our out of state situation. Also . . . we received your thank you card. That was very nice of you. You really go the extra mile and it shows. I wish you the very best of luck with your business, and thank you once again. God bless.”
– Joshua, IL

“I think I love you, lol. It’s great and such a breath of fresh air to see someone genuinely out to help people…”
– Van (online response to Beducation® video – The truth behind 50% off mattress sales)

“Love your videos, man. Wish there were more people in this world like you. Thanks and good luck with your business.”
– 88GURP (online response to Beducation® video – The truth behind 50% off mattress sales)

“The purchase experience at the store with Jeff was great. No high pressure, just very informative and all questions answered. The price was right, and with the delivery experience, everything was perfect. I highly recommend Mattress To Go.”
– Perry, MI

“Wow! I’ve seen many of your videos, and I’ve gotta say your extended knowledge of mattresses is amazing. I have learned a lot from your educational [Beducation] videos and I hope you keep making more.”
– MrGreenvision (online response to Beducation® video – Let’s Make a Mattress! How a Mattress is Assembled)

“I want to thank Jeff from Mattress To Go for everything he did. We are sleeping better than ever thanks to his help.”
– Ryder,, MI

“As a mattress sales professional with many years of experience, I must say that you did an EXCEPTIONAL job here! SPOT ON!!! If I was not thousands of miles away from you in WA, I would be coming to you for a sales career with your company! Honesty in sales goes a LONG WAY! You build trust and long lasting relationships with your customers. Nice to see some of us still do things “the right way.” Keep up the good work!”
– poprox2nv (online response to Beducation® video – The truth behind 50% off mattress sales)

“Jeff and this company are GREAT. Channel 2 Problem Solvers did a special on this lady getting ripped off by another company (twice). Jeff donated beds to this lady and kids. There are not nearly enough nice, caring people in this world anymore but this guy went above and beyond. When I need a new mattress I WILL drive out of my way to shop this business and recommend him to all my friends. WAY TO GO JEFF!!!”
– Kris, MI

“If you are in need of a new mattress, go talk to Jeff. He’s a stand-up, honest man, and incredibly knowledgeable about mattresses. Check out his Beducation videos on YouTube if you don t believe me! Jeff will help you find the right mattress at the right price — without any high pressure sales tactics, or the smoke and mirrors act that is typical for this industry.”
– Andrew, MI

“I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind as to give a family new mattresses. I watched on Fox News that your company took it upon itself to give bug free non-restructured mattresses to a family in need. There are good people in this world and you are one of them. God Bless You!”
– Caroline, MI

“[Mattress To Go is] owned by Jeff Scheuer who is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and has put together a series of videos that are widely used to help educate people about mattresses.”
– The Mattress Underground website

“Another satisfied customer! Jeff made the mattress buying experience painless. What a great guy, great company, and he gave us a great education on how these things are made. I highly recommend this business.”
– John, MI

“Wonderful review!! You should have been a Chemistry Professor :)”
– xavier3961 (online response to Beducation® video – Foams: Polyurethane, visco-elastic and memory foam)

“Very helpful thank you so much. The best video on YouTube about foam, trust me I’ve been looking.”
– ISybreedl (online response to Beducation® video – Foams: Polyurethane, visco-elastic and memory foam)

“I’ve been selling mattresses for 10 years and this is a great series. Thx.”
– spunkymonkey75 (online response to Beducation® video – Let’s make a mattress! How a mattress is assembled)

“One of the best explanations of the bogus advertising practices that are so common in the mattress industry. Thanks for putting this video out there for everyone to see!”
– g29fan (online response to Beducation® video – The truth behind 50% off mattress sales)

“Thank you for taking the time with my son, AJ, and I and expanding on the knowledge that you shared from the website. AJ loves the mattress and with his Goldilocks attitude, I was worried but we got it home and setup and he has used it successfully twice now. Thank you again for taking the time to get just the right comfortable mattress for AJ.”
– Andrew, MI

“Thank you Jeff for making a mattress purchase so painless and actually fun! We tell everyone who will listen about you and your store! You can’t beat the inventory, the service, your knowledge, and prices! You rock! We will be back for that split full box spring soon!”
– Jessica, MI

“Jeff, our SLEEP and comfort have increased BIG TIME! My wife never ever sleeps past 7am. Friday she JUMPED out of bed at 9am as she was relaxing in Heaven . . . and overslept! TY Once again!”
– Ron and Kathy, MI

“Jeff, just wanted to say thank you! And show my appreciation on how well you took care of us and recognize how knowledgeable you are on choosing the right bed for our needs! I would also like to thank you for personally delivering and helping bring in our new beds! That is exactly why I will always refer you and your business!!! And can not thank you enough!”
– James, MI

“Steph and I just bought a mattress from this store. We had been putting off this purchase because our perception was we had to “gear up” to negotiate for the purchase of a mattress. The employees at this store know EVERYTHING about mattresses and are GREAT at helping the clients make decisions. I mentioned that I liked a mattress at a hotel that we stayed at and he looked up what they used and found something better! Mattress To Go treated us with respect, gave us a great price, and we actually had fun shopping there.”
– Chip, MI

“You’re a mattress nerd.”
– Pete

“Hi Jeff. Hey, your Beducation clips on YouTube are helpful! We are shopping for a queen size for our 10-year-old. We went online to research and saw your clips…good info.”
– Kristina

“Jeff is great! He is straightforward and honest with absolutely no pressure to buy. I had very few mattress options for the daybed due to height restrictions of the trundle, yet he gave me his time as if I was making a huge, high dollar purchase. After taking measurements and returning home to verify what height mattress I could use, I returned the next day to complete my purchase. The mattresses were in stock and Jeff loaded them into our car. It was a positive experience from beginning to end. If you need a great mattress at an amazing price this is the place!”
– Audrey, MI

“A totally satisfying experience. Needed replacement of king size bedding. Jeff, the owner, was knowledgeable but totally no pressure, unlike the large box stores. The price for the quality of bedding was $600-700 or more below everything else we looked at.”
– Doug, MI

“Hi Jeff. Thank you very much for the note. I really appreciate you adding the list of restaurants in the area. I will be sure to check all of them out sometime soon. I also wanted to thank you for your great service. I was very happy that I chose to purchase my mattress at your store. Thanks again.”
– Eric, MI

“Dear Jeff. Thank you for being such an honest person, taking the time to help us find a mattress for our needs. The online videos helped us so much, which made us come in, combined with your knowledge and care. It’s so nice to walk into the store, tell you what kind of back problems we have and the work we do and you telling us what we need without taking us for a ride! You also took the time while it started to rain/snow to make sure we got our mattress home properly and safe. We have woken every morning feeling great, our backs feel better and no more pressure point aggravation! We hope you continue to have a lucrative business. Thank you so much once again and we’ll be back in for the kids beds!”
-Bonnie and Jason, MI

“The best place in Rochester to buy a new mattress is in Shelby Township!”
– Richard, MI

“Hey Jeff! Just got your card in the mail. Thank YOU so much for the bed. It is truly amazing. I am so happy that I stumbled into your store. The best bed I have had in a long time. Thank you again!!”
– Tony, MI

“Hi Jeff. I wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that I sent my sister-in-law to you and she is very pleased. She is planning on purchasing two more mattresses from you. In addition, I am very pleased with the purchase I made and I am planning on purchasing another for my son this month . . . I want you to know that the knowledge you shared with me made it so much easier to help out (my sister-in-law) because you took the time to educate me and I was able to pass that info. on.”
– Pam, MI

“Jeff, Thank you so much for helping us choose a great mattress. It is great! You were truly helpful and didn’t dismiss us as ‘kids’ like most places do. We will definitely be referring anyone who needs a mattress to you! Thanks again!”
– Elizabeth and Brendan, MI

“Thank you for your help with our new mattress. Yesterday I built the five t-slats that you recommended and they work great. The mattress is very comfortable and my back is feeling better already.”
– Rick, MI

“Jeff – A short note to say ‘Thanks’ for the great mattress set deal and for making my shopping experience a pleasure. [We] enjoyed it, as well as your experience in the Olympics and advice.Thanks.”
– Ed, MI

“Jeff – Thank you so much for all your help with my recent mattress purchase! I greatly appreciated you personally delivering my mattress set, as well as my second purchase of my son’s box spring for his big-boy bed (which he is sleeping in now instead of his crib!). Thank you for your wonderful service, I will recommend you to anyone who needs mattress!”
– Vanessa, MI