May 17, 2021 – Content from Beducation will now be featured on the mattress industry’s newest and most innovative website, FAM (For All-Things Mattress).

“The Dos Marcos Show recently developed a new online property to share information about the mattress industry for both consumers and retail sales associate (RSAs). Both Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, collectively known as Dos Marcos, are fans of Beducation, and they asked if I would be interested in sharing my articles on their website, and I was excited to accept this opportunity.

“There’s a lack of objective and honest down-to-earth reporting on mattresses and sleep, and the FAM website is trying to be different from the stale, borax and promotive content that offers itself up as “news” within the mattress industry. I feel that my Beducation videos and articles will compliment what Dos Marcos is trying to accomplish.

“The first article that was shared was based upon a video I recorded describing in detail the reasons for mattress price increases and shortages (How To Explain Mattress Price Increases To Customers). I wrote a blog post describing this to compliment the video, and I also recorded an audio version of the article. One of the unique features on the FAM website is that all of the articles have an audio counterpart.”

Look soon on the FAM website for a new Beducation video describing the history of springs in mattresses.