The Dos Marcos Podcast, the mattress industry’s leading podcast, praised Jeff Scheuer, Mattress To Go, and Beducation in their most recent podcast episode.

In this episode, Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley (Dos Marcos) were wearing Beducation eye masks provided them by Jeff Scheuer, and comedically attempted to use them as covid face masks. Mark Kinsley then made note of the good information relayed on the Beducation YouTube channel and urged people to go visit that site for excellent mattress information. Finally, Jeff and his wife Kristine were praised by Dos Marcos for making face masks and giving them away for free to the people in Shelby Township, Michigan, at Mattress To Go.

“I’m extremely thrilled to be mentioned and featured on the mattress industry’s greatest podcast, the Dos Marcos Podcast,” stated Mattress To Go and Beducation owner Jeff Scheuer. “I really appreciate them acknowledging all of the hard work my wife and I have done in making face masks to give away here at the store. To date, we’ve given away over 200.

“Additionally, I really appreciate how both Mark Quinn and Mark Kinsley respect and realize the importance of my Beducation videos and how they help both consumers and retailers alike. We’re one of the few objective and educated sources for such information nationally.”

You may listen to the Dos Marcos Podcast episode mentioning Jeff Scheuer, Beducation, and Mattress To Go (How Mattress Shopping And Marketing Messages May Evolve), by clicking this link.