Shelby Township, MI- March 23, 2017 –Eight is great. That’s the number of consecutive Pinnacle Awards Mattress To Go has been presented by the Therapedic Mattress Company.  

Every year Therapedic bestows their Pinnacle Award on a select group of mattress retailers and Mattress To Go was again a recipient for 2016. This award is given for excellence in sales, customer service and product knowledge. Additionally, Mattress To Go was honored for their industry-leading Beducation® video series.  

“We’re extremely pleased to have earned our eighth consecutive Pinnacle Award from Therapedic,” said Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer. “Our national recognition for outstanding knowledge of mattresses, ergonomics and sleep technology continues to grow, with over 1.1 million views on our YouTube Beducation channel. We continue to strive to bring high quality and unique offerings to our clients, like our new premium line of organic mattresses.  

“Locally, people search the internet and come across our accolades, and they’re so happy to find out that they live just a few miles from a nationally-recognized mattress expert who can provide them educated and accurate advice unlike any other retail establishment. On the national scale, we ship our entire lineup and supply in-home delivery. It’s a way for us to serve our fans locally and across the country, providing them with a quality product from a dealer they can trust.”  


Jeff Scheuer receiving his 2016 Therapedic Pinnacle Award plaque from Timothy Sheaks.
Jeff Scheuer (r) receives his 2016 Pinnacle Award from Therapedic’s Midwest Sales Manager Timothy Sheaks.


About Mattress To Go

America’s Home of Beducation®, Mattress To Go specializes in offering premium-quality American mattresses at some of the nation’s lowest prices. Owner Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator™, offers expert advice both in-store and through his renowned YouTube Beducation videos.  

About Therapedic

The Therapedic Mattress Company is one of America’s top-seven mattress companies and handcrafts one of the world’s most award-winning lines of mattresses. Their plant in Rock Island, Ill., services the entire Midwest and their mattresses are produced with 100 percent American components.