Jeff Scheuer’s article about How To Explain Price Increases To Mattress Customers is the #1 article and the #1 piece of content of all time on the FAM.NEWS website.

Shelby Township, MI – January 20, 2023 – Jeff Scheuer was recently a guest of Mark Kinsely and Mark Quinn on the Dos Marcos mattress industry podcast, where he discussed his Beducation YouTube channel, along with the #1 ranking of his How To Explain Price Increases To Mattress Customers article on the FAM.NEWS website.

“I was excited to learn that one of my articles on the FAM.NEWS website was ranked as the #1 piece of content all-time,” stated Scheuer, owner of Mattress To Go and creator of Beducation. “It goes to show that consumers are hungry for accurate and objective information about mattresses and that they put trust in the content I’m creating.

“It was also a blast catching up with Dos Marcos and being featured again on their podcast. It’s nice speaking with those who are of a like mind, wanting to promote sleep and wellness and explain how a quality mattress can assist with one’s overall health.”

The Dos Marcos podcast interview with Jeff Scheuer can be found here.

Dos Marcos, collectively Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn, host the mattress industry’s greatest podcast. They’re also the driving force behind FAM.NEWS, a furniture, appliance and mattress specific website.

Jeff Scheuer is the owner of Mattress To Go, and the creator of Beducation, an objective source of information about mattresses, componentry, and sleep. It’s focus is to help educate both consumers and sales associates, promoting the important contribution that sleep and an appropriate mattress make to one’s overall health.

Jeff Scheuer Featured On Dos Marcos Podcast