Shelby Township, MI – February 25, 2020 – Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer and his Beducation mattress research and education program were mentioned on a recent Dos Marcos podcast. Dos Marcos is the mattress industry’s leading podcast.

Dos Marcos Podcast hosts Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn were discussing the issue facing mattress retailers of needing to be genuine and relevant in today’s competitive retail environment, and how stores must to strive to be the best at what they choose to do in order to make their business unique.

Mark Kinsley expanded upon this, saying, “Don’t let anyone be more of an answer and information person than you are. Jeff Scheuer, he’s fantastic at that. Jeff is great and giving answers and education with his Beducation videos.”

Mark Quinn responded to Mark Kinsley, stating, “You fired me up when you talked about Jeff, because part of it too for Jeff is what inspired him to do all the content in the Beducation. And what inspired him was, he was frustrated for consumers who were shopping for beds and were being told really crappy things by his competitors or by things on the internet or people in the market for a bed, and he said, “I’m gonna fix that,” and he started educating people to serve them. Yes, to sell, but Jeff is just the kind of guy though that he just genuinely wants to help people get a good night of sleep. So I think that’s where that was born and because of that what’s so big for him and he’s had great success.”

Jeff Scheuer stated, “Being mentioned on the Dos Marcos Podcast is quite an accomplishment, and I’m really thankful to both Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn for mentioning me and all of the hard work I’ve done to educate people about mattresses and the mattress buying process through my Beducation videos.

“Mark Kinsley is the CEO and President of the Englander Sleep Products Mattress Company, and Mark Quinn is the co-founder of Spink & Co Mattress Company. They get it. The understand the importance of creating a quality product using better materials. I’m glad they appreciate all of the good things we’re doing to educate the public with our Beducation program.”

About Mattress To Go: 
America’s Home of Beducation®, Mattress To Go specializes in offering premium American mattresses at some of the nation’s lowest prices. Owner Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator™, offers expert advice both in-store and through his renowned Beducation videos.

About The Dos Marcos Podcast: 
Hosted by two guys named Mark, the Dos Marcos podcast brings you information and entertainment about the mattress industry. Yep, they talk about the bedding business. Mark Quinn is the Co-Founder of Spink & Co. and Mark Kinsley is the CEO President of Englander Sleep. Together they form the two headed Mark Monster known as Dos Marcos.

The whole podcast is a really good listen, but if you want to you can click below to skip to the section of the video where Jeff Scheuer and Beducation are discussed:

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Posted by Dos Marcos Podcast on Tuesday, February 25, 2020