Shelby Township, MI – August 12, 2106 – Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer is celebrating the fact that his mattress educational YouTube channel, Beducation, has reached over 1,000,000 views.  

“I’m extremely pleased that our Beducation channel has amassed over 1,000,000 views,” stated Scheuer. “These Beducation videos started out as a means to address the absolute lack of educated and objective advice available to consumers in the mattress industry, both in-store and online. After my first video, which exposed the truth behind ‘50% Off’ mattress sales, the demand was immediate and overwhelming for more videos. Since then, I’ve created hundreds of Beducation videos describing every facet of mattresses and their construction, and I’ve even prepared videos describing the makeup of specific finished mattresses. We have more in store down the line as the Beducation franchise will be expanding.   

“Our growth in popularity is really amazing, as it has been completely organic. I don’t pay to promote or advertise our Beducation channel. It just shows that people respect smart, fair and detailed information about mattresses, and that they’re not getting that from other online or in-store sources. We’re very thankful to all of our fans and followers. Stay tuned for more!”   


Jeff Scheuer, America's Beducator, points out a mattress innerspring unit.
Jeff Scheuer, America’s Beducator.


About Mattress To Go and Beducation

America’s Home of Beducation®, Mattress To Go specializes in making premium mattress affordable while offering nationally-recognized educated and expert mattress buying advice. Owner Jeff Scheuer, America’s Beducator™, offers expert assistance both in-store and through his renowned YouTube Beducation videos.