Detroit, MI – September 14, 2012 – Mattress To Go, located in Shelby Township, Mich., recently donated over $2000 worth of mattresses, bed frames, pillows and mattress protectors to a family that unsuspectingly purchased used mattresses from a Detroit furniture retailer. The plight of this family had been featured on a local newscast where it caught the attention of Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer. 

“I had originally viewed a news story by Fox 2 News Problem Solver Rob Wolchek. In this story he reported about people being victimized by stores selling mattresses that contained used components,” stated Scheuer. “The story really made me mad, as these mattress stores were victimizing people with the least amount of disposable income. I contacted Rob Wolchek and eventually made arrangements to donate mattresses to one of the families involved in this story.” 

It turned out that the used mattresses weren’t the only problem. “The beds that I replaced not only contained used materials, but they also contained bedbugs,” Scheuer said. “So, I ended up providing this family with three new premium mattress sets, three bed frames, new pillows, and complete bedbug-proof encasements for the mattresses and pillows. I was so happy that this family allowed me to help them out of their bad situation, and the smiles and hugs I received at the end of the day made it all worthwhile.” 

Scheuer continued, “This donation is just another in a long line of contributions we’ve made locally through our Comfort For Everyone campaign. Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News was kind enough to document our delivery to this family (view the news story video here ). I’m hoping that this publicity will result in others making donations to families in need, as well as raising awareness of these disreputable used-mattress dealers. In Michigan it’s legal to sell used mattresses, and Detroit isn’t the only area where these used products are sold. We have plenty of liquidators and warehouses – what our industry terms as ‘dirty window shops’ – in Macomb County where used and remanufactured mattresses are often sold. The public really needs to be aware of this. In general, if something sounds too good to be true, it generally is, especially in the mattress business. The only true way to make premium mattresses affordable is to eliminate overhead and operate a sleep shop with a one-person staff – exactly what we do at Mattress To Go.”

About Mattress To Go:
About Mattress To Go: Mattress To Go, located at the NE corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke (Next to the Salvation Army) in Shelby Township, Mich., features factory-direct pricing on premium innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses from Therapedic, America’s eight-largest mattress company. For 20 years owner Jeff Scheuer has provided nationally-acknowledged educated and expert mattress advice. He recently received his third consecutive Pinnacle Award from Therapedic for superior customer service, product knowledge and sales. Visit Mattress To Go at . 

About Rob Wolchek:
Rob Wolchek is an Emmy award-winning journalist who specializes in exposing scam artists and stopping bad guys. He’s part of the Problem Solver team at Fox 2 News Detroit.


Rob Wolchek Fox 2 News interviews Jeff Scheuer
Rob Wolchek interviews Jeff Scheuer, owner of Mattress To Go.
Jeff Scheuer carrying donation mattress.
Out wiht the old, in with the new mattresses!
Jeff Scheuer and Rob Wolchek unloading donation mattresses
Rob Wolchek thinking about helping Jeff unload some mattresses.
Jeff Scheuer carrying donation mattress into home
Rob is still thinking….
Jeff Scheuer and Rob Wolchek carrying mattress
Rob Wolchek helping Jeff Scheuer make a mattress donation.
Jeff Scheuer putting matress protector on donation mattress
It was on hot day when I made this donation.
Rob Wolchek interviewing child about new mattress
The kids were excited about their new mattresses.
Children enjoying new mattress donated by Mattress To Go
Time for a nap.
Rob Wolchek interviewing Del about new mattress
Rob interviews Del.
Del watched children on their new matress
Plenty of room for everyone!
Del and child hug on new mattress
Everyone’s happy now with comfortable new mattresses.
Jeff Scheuer receiving hug from Del after new mattress donation made by Mattress To Go
The best payment.
Used mattress material found in Timeless Mattress product form HAssan MAttress (now Livernois Mattress) store
Look what we found in those mattresses – used mattress material!