Detroit, MI – February 21, 2011- Richard Weaver, Detroit Business Development Examiner.Com – Social media has changed the way people shop, particularly those in Generation X and Generation Y. Having a company facebook page or making sure key salespeople have developed Linked In profile can add sales from these younger two generations.

You Tube videos are also a way to make a broad Internet position.

Jeff Scheuer, owner of Mattress To Go in Shelby Township, has taken to this media by developing videos to empower mattress seekers with what he calls “Beducation”.

In his offering “Dispelling the Myth of the Half-off Mattress Sale” Scheuer takes a look at showing how the use of half-off sales cause higher regular prices, typically ones that are detrimental to the customer not in the store during the sale.

Many people do not realize how half-off sales are derived. At the Troy-based Kmart Corporation of the 1980s half-off sales had become all the rage. Consumers seemed to be automatically attracted to anything that had a 50 percent off sign. The first items included on these sales were actually had prices halves, typically products with the highest mark-on, but this was short lived.

One buying cycle later the process was to identify the specific items to be halved and then mark them up higher at purchase so they still had a respectable finished margin during the sale.

You Tube videos can be easily made and uploaded using inexpensive cameras such as the flip. Most Windows platforms have a movie maker built in for editing and adding public domain music, readily available on the internet. 


Beducation Video – The Truth About 50% Off Mattress Sales