Shelby Township, MI – December 2, 2015 –  Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer recently announced that he and his store are a sponsor of author Gina DeLapa’s award-winning line of Ultimate Reminders™ books.   

“We’re very proud at Mattress To Go to be a sponsor of Ms. DeLapa’s Ultimate Reminders series of books,” stated Scheuer. “These books contain some of the best nuggets of wisdom. They’re things you already knew, yet they are things about which you need to be reminded. I find myself rereading these books frequently, and they have a way of putting my mind at ease and readjusting my perspective. Even the book aimed at college students – there’s so much there that applies to everyday life and my daily dealings in the world of business. And to top it off, the books are thoroughly entertaining. I encourage everyone to take advantage of these books and Ms. DeLapa’s blog. They’re very uplifting and inspiring.”  

Ultimate Reminders book by Gina DeLapa.

About Author Gina DeLapa:
As America’s Ultimate Reminders coach, Ms. DeLapa is here to help you laugh, lighten up, and live a life that counts – sometimes all three simultaneously. Be sure to pick up her Ultimate Reminders books, read her blog and sign up for her free Monday-Morning Pep Talk at   

About Mattress To Go:
America’s Home of Beducation®, Mattress To Go specializes in making premium mattress affordable while offering nationally-recognized educated and expert mattress buying advice. Owner Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator™, offers expert assistance both in-store and through his renowned YouTube Beducation videos.