Shelby Township, MI – September 30, 2011 – Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer announced the recent addition of complete mattress specifications to his company’s website ( This was done in response to consumer demands for more transparency in the mattress industry.

“We’re now featuring complete information about every mattress we carry on our website,” stated Scheuer. “Every bed has a page featuring complete specifications, a one-minute video describing the product and current pricing. And this information is easily accessed when you visit our showroom by using your smartphone and scanning the QR codes we have attached to every mattress. Absolutely no one in the area offers this much product information to their customers.”

Scheuer continued, “We’ve always been an innovator at Mattress To Go and we go the extra mile to provide incredible detail about the products we offer. A mattress is the most-used piece of furniture in the home and it has a direct impact upon one’s health, so it’s imperative that we be educated, objective and complete in the information we provide our customers. We are by far the most consumer-friendly sleep shop you’ll find.”