Shelby Township, MI. Jan. 24, 2023 – For the fourteenth straight year, Mattress To Go has been awarded the Therapedic Pinnacle Award for superior customer service and sales.

Every year Therapedic bestows their Pinnacle Award on a select group of mattress retailers and Mattress To Go was again a recipient for 2022. This award is given for excellence in sales, customer service and product knowledge. Additionally, Mattress To Go was honored for their unique and industry-leading Beducation® video series.

“We’re pleased to have once again won the Pinnacle Award from Therapedic,” said Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer. “Our Beducation continues to gain national renown, from both consumers and those in the mattress industry. One of my Beducation articles was even the most viewed piece of content this past year on the Furniture Appliances and Mattresses website. So we’ve been quite busy educating consumers and retailers, along of course with helping provide expert advice and high-quality mattresses at extremely affordable prices to all of our local retail customers.”

Speaking of Beducation, what about that big Beducation video series chronicling the history of springs in the mattress industry that was due to come out in 2022?

“Oh, I’ve been down a rabbit hole all the way to China researching the history of springs in mattresses, and it’s turned into a college thesis. There’s so much misinformation out there about springs in the mattress industry, and my research has taken me all over the world. I should finally have this completed later in 2023. It will be the definitive piece on the history of springs in the mattress industry.”

What, if any, new trends are taking place in 2023 with mattresses?

“There are still many challenges facing the mattress industry as well as consumers, so to address this I’ve brought in a few specialized lines of better-quality items, and I’m offering them at lower-than-normal prices. When economic times are tough, it’s the normal modus operandi of mattress stores to bring in cheaply-made products and represent them as being ‘better-than,’ which in the end may result in a sale being made by a store, but ultimately the consumer is harmed, as their new cheap mattress ends up being a very poor value. My philosophy has always been counter to typical industry-think, and I’ve decided to do the most I can to help everyone’s mattress dollars go as far as possible during this time of high inflation.”

About Mattress To Go
America’s Home of Beducation®, Mattress To Go specializes in offering premium-quality American mattresses at some of the nation’s lowest prices. Owner Jeff Scheuer, The Beducator™, offers unique and expert advice both in-store and through his renowned YouTube Beducation videos.

About Therapedic
The Therapedic Mattress Company is one of America’s top-eight mattress companies and handcrafts one of the world’s most award-winning lines of mattresses. Their plant in Rock Island, Ill., The Bedding Group, services the entire Midwest and their mattresses are produced with 100 percent American components.

Jeff Scheuer Holding 2022 Therapedic Pinnacle Award