Shelby Township, MI – May 1, 2013 – A national awareness campaign to encourage Americans to sleep better kicks off May 1 as part of the Better Sleep Council’s (BSC) annual Better Sleep Month. Karin Mahoney, the BSC Director of Communication, states that sleep loss has now reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The cure? According to Mahoney, “Create good sleep habits, and provide a proper sleep environment by checking your mattress, pillows, noise and light levels.” 

To help educate Americans about proper sleep health, Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer is making his nationally renowned Beducation® videos available for free during the entire month of May on Mattress To Go’s YouTube channel at

“Over the past few years I’ve created 36 Beducation® videos to help educate consumers about mattresses and sleep,” states Scheuer. “The information I provide is objective and research-derived, and the videos are fun to watch. My ultimate goal is to empower consumers and help them make educated choices when shopping for a mattress, and also to assist people in creating a proper sleep environment. I’m excited to make these Beducation® videos available to everyone during May.”  

Mattress To Go’s Beducation® videos have been viewed by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and many sleep shops use these videos as educational resources for their comfort consultants. “I’ll receive calls and emails daily from all over the country to assist frustrated mattress shoppers,” Scheuer said. “A few months ago I was assisting a gentleman in Spain with some latex mattress questions, and just this morning I helped people from Rhode Island and California with sleep questions.” 

In support of Better Sleep Month, Scheuer offers these simple tips to help create a better sleep environment. 
– Reduce your use of computers before bedtime, especially in the bedroom. 
– Avoid caffeinated beverages after 1 p.m.
-Don’t exercise immediately before bedtime; instead, slowly wind down before going to sleep.
– Create a “bedtime mode” for your cell phone so as to not be distracted by notifications while sleeping. 
– Keep a consistent bedtime and wake-up time, even on the weekends. 
– Don’t eat a heavy meal immediately before going to bed. 
– Maintain a comfortable mattress, and reevaluate your mattress after five to seven years of use. 

About Mattress To Go: Mattress To Go, located at the NE corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke in Shelby Township, Mich., features factory-direct pricing on premium innerspring, memory foam and latex. For over 20 years, owner Jeff Scheuer has provided nationally-acknowledged educated and expert mattress advice through his Beducation® program. Scheuer recently received his fourth consecutive Pinnacle Award from Therapedic for superior customer service, product knowledge and sales. Visit Mattress To Go at

About the BSC: The Better Sleep Council is the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, the trade association for the mattress industry. With decades invested in improving sleep quality, the BSC educates consumers on the link between sleep and health, as well as the role of the sleep environment, primarily through, partner support and consumer media outreach.