Shelby Township, MI – July 3, 2012 – Honest, consumer-friendly pricing.

“People love the way they’re treated at Mattress To Go,” states store owner Jeff Scheuer. “It starts with our honest, consumer-friendly pricing and our exclusive factory-direct discounts. We don’t create fictitious half-off sales; instead, we truthfully compare to the lowest sale prices of other stores and demonstrate that Mattress To Go is usually 20-30 percent less than those sale prices. It’s what we call integrity pricing.

“Additionally, our product knowledge is unsurpassed. You don’t run into comfort consultants with my educational background,” says Scheuer, who has been involved in the mattress industry for 20 years. He graduated top of his class in Exercise Science from Michigan State University and was a strength coach on the USA Winter Olympic Luge Team.

Mattress To Go’s Beducation® program is trademarked and Scheuer gets calls and emails nationwide asking about his online videos. The most common comment? “They appreciate our honest and objective advice and they wish they lived near Mattress To Go so they could buy their mattress from us!” he says.

“But by far the most important thing we do is offer top-quality mattresses,” adds Scheuer. “We feature premium beds from Therapedic and they hand-craft the finest mattresses out of America’s top-ten brands – bar none. All of our Therapedic mattresses are made in the USA with 100 percent American components – that’s extremely important to us.”

“In the end, there’s really only two ways to offer lower mattress prices,” concludes Scheuer. “Either you bring in cheap products that use poor construction and inferior components, or you do what we do – offer superior products and worker harder to eliminate operating overhead. People are tired of paying too much for a mattress and we’re fixing that – one bed at a time. Like I said, people love what we do here.”

Mattress To Go is located at 51260 Van Dyke in Shelby Township (NE corner of 23 Mile and Van Dyke). (586) 580-3605.


Mattress To Go's consumer-friendly pricing featured in article in C and G News.
Article about Mattress To Go in C and G News.