January 6, 2022 – Mattress To Go continues their tradition of holiday giving.

“While the Christmas season is behind us, our season of giving is still going strong,” stated Mattress To Go owner Jeff Scheuer. “We just finished up a donation of pillows to Abigayle Ministries, and that’s on top of the various product and monetary donations we made in December.

“Most people don’t realize that new pillows are one of the most requested items for homeless shelters and transitional housing programs. Pillows are a very personal and comforting item, especially for children, and it’s nice for them to have something they can call their own and take with them once they leave a shelter. If you’re looking for something to donate to a local shelter, you can’t go wrong with new pillows.”

Mattress To Go has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the local community through their Comfort For Everyone™ program.


Merry Christmas