August 7, 2023

I want to give you all a quick update of what’s been going on with me the past two weeks and why the store has been closed.

No. I Am Not Dead. I may look and feel (and smell) like it, but I am fortunately, thanks to my wife, quite alive.

So it turns out it WAS a tumor.

On Monday, July 24, they found a mass in my head. Brain surgery was Saturday, July 29. They took out a tumor the size of an egg. I got back home Wednesday, August 2. We will know more after August 10 regarding follow-up treatment, etc.

Key Information I’d Like To Convey:

  1. The store IS NOT closing. I’m going to try and start offering modified hours beginning, Thursday, August 10.
  2. Any mattresses that have been ordered are still coming in, but they’ve been delayed just a bit, as I’ve been predisposed with a few other things (see photo below).
  3. I’ll be in touch with anyone who has an item on order once it arrives, just like normal.
  5. Right now, I’m going to shoot for Monday – Saturday, Noon-4, for my hours. I know these are limited, but so am I!
  6. Please phone before arriving to make sure that I am indeed at the store. I don’t want you to make special plans to come pick up your bed and then find out that I’m not here. Your time is valuable.
  7. I’ll do my best to provide updates on the store’s Facebook page.
  8. The best way to communicate with me regarding specific questions at the current time is via email (
  9. I’m currently limited as to how much I may assist you in loading up your mattresses. My weight limit is about a gallon of milk. So when you come to pick up your mattress, I’ll certainly help where I can, but my capacity will primarily be supervisory, and you’ll want to make sure to bring your own muscle to help load your bed.
  10. I’ll post a much more detailed video about everything going on, but that will probably be in a few weeks.Jeff Scheuer Beducator Photo After Brain Tumor Surgery